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Oh, and now you have fallen back on being rude because you can't actually think of a coherent argument.

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If you want ethanol then vodka would be better than beer as it has fewer other components

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I'll remember this the next time I feel like going to the US

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Surely the fault lies with the client who decided to sign a contract, fully understanding that it was all theoretical and based entirely on future projections, that may or may not be accurate.

It's not like he was lied to and thought that the ship already existed, or was only a couple of months away from completion.

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Gwen Shotwell actually. Honestly fantastic name.

If you're going to hate Elon Musk it might be a good idea to work out what companies he actually is and isn't CEO first

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Why is SpaceX on that I mean I know "musk bad", but seriously they're doing well. Just put Boeing on there again this time for Starliner.

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That's a good point, your first comment was utterly irrelevant to the conversation but now you're going to pretend you had some kind of point. I assume it's "vote conservative because they don't like Russia", which isn't true of course.e.g. Boris Johnson

Please find a better argument.

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Like with quite a few dynamically type languages you can static type it if you want.

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Eh, they are predicted get even fewer votes than the conservatives are. The conservatives are due to get a pathetic number of votes for a mainline party, and reform are getting even fewer votes.

In no universe are they doing better than the conservatives.

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That's what you do whenever you're losing an argument isn't it you just invoke Corbyn. Trouble is he isn't even in the party anymore, so it would be possibly a good idea to get another attack line.

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He simps for Trump, Which tells you all you need to know about his followers.

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His gravestone will read, it was all the EUs fault. He can't let it go. He is both talentless and an egomaniac, it makes for an annoying combination.

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