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Because they don’t want to scare advertisers.

This tells you everything you need to know. If Firefox was acting in the interests of users then they wouldn't give a fuck what advertisers think.

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Firefox is not pandering to advertisers. If anything, I feel they are compromising with them

I don't want to compromise with advertisers. I want to block them and not be tracked by them.

So where is my choice as the user of the browser that is running on my machine and using my internet connection and tracking my data?

But if it’s successful, it’ll rock for us.

If you think this will make one iota of difference in advertiser behavior then you must have been born yesterday.

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Isn't AdBlock Plus the one that takes money from advertisers to have their ads whitelisted by the ad-blocker?

Fuck this guy.

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At first I thought this guy was speaking on behalf of Mozilla, but he doesn't work for Mozilla.

He works for the US government.

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The point is that this is not something that users want, it's something that advertisers want. Why is Firefox pandering to advertisers and corporate interests? No user wants this, and Firefox is supposed to be a non-commercial browser built with the interests of its users in mind.

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  • 218/250 were fully playable at good framerates (60+). He notes that the more popular a game is the more likely it is to work flawlessly.

  • Of the remaining 32 games that had problems, 12 of them defaulted to the iGPU on the CPU instead of using the Intel dGPU. He had to disable the iGPU in Device Manager to get them to use the dGPU. 11 of those 12 worked flawlessly after making this change.

  • 5 games crashed on launch (Avatar: FOP, Batman Arkham Knight, Sim City 4, Left 4 Dead 2, Saints Row 2)

  • 6 games ran but with graphical artifacts (Bioshock, Dirt Rally, Ghost of Tsushima, Starfield, GTA4, The Witcher 3)

  • 11 games ran but with poor performance (Starfield, Alan Wake 2, TLOU1, Hellblade 2, Dragon's Dogma 2, Yakuza Like a Dragon, Metro: Last Light, +4 more not specified).

  • He also had problems running with multiple monitors.

  • Older games seem to mostly run fine, newer games seem to be the ones more likely to have problems.

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the team found that time on the moon ticks by at 0.0000575 seconds faster per day (57.50 µs/d) than it does on Earth. Based on that number, other calculations can be made—if a person were to live on the moon for 274 years, for example, they would be 5.76 seconds older than they would be had they lived on Earth all that time.

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The FM tuner is a narrow band pass filter centered at the carrier frequency - it doesn't try to track the modulation. The FM demodulator then uses a VCO (voltage controlled oscillator) with a phase detector in a feedback loop, so that the output of the VCO tracks the modulated input signal. The input to the VCO then represents the baseband (demodulated) signal.

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Now do a study of the link between social media use and life dissatisfaction.

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Progressive governments made the normal people’s lives hard - forcing political correctness, ignoring illegal immigration and the issues caused by it, allowing petty crime go unpunished and so on. People are just tired literally fighting for their lives

Ah yes, all those people literally fighting not to die from political correctness.

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No, "we" don't.


Description: "Featured is a playthrough of a blitz chess game between Rodrigo Vasquez and Vladimir Kramnik from an Early Titled Tuesday event which was held on October 17th, 2023. Kramnik recently admitted, via a YouTube comment on this topic of fair play surrounding him, that he played several tournaments under someone else’s chess.com account. This act violates chess.com’s Fair Play Policy. Kramnik played under Denis Khismatullin’s account, “Krakozia”. I share reasons why this is a violation of fair play policy, how a player can be negatively impacted because of it, and provide Kramnik’s YouTube comments where he attempts to explain it all."


A reported Free Download Manager supply chain attack redirected Linux users to a malicious Debian package repository that installed information-stealing malware.

The malware used in this campaign establishes a reverse shell to a C2 server and installs a Bash stealer that collects user data and account credentials.

Kaspersky discovered the potential supply chain compromise case while investigating suspicious domains, finding that the campaign has been underway for over three years.

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