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mean while 23andme gaslighting customers


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we can now rest bois

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this persons fucks

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and Glass pack batteries

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ProtonVPN: "This guy, right?"

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ProtonVPN all the way ;)

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Not to mention the primarily black population of Louisiana who are disproportionately targeted for crimes will be the greatest number of false positives .

Due to the common knowledge the facial recognition is severely lacking when it comes to successfully identifying black populations due to darker tones being harder to differentiate.

This would take an existing problem and magnify it by creating a larger, more automated police state.

Not to mention data privacy/security, which the LA DMV just got their data hacked in the last two years...

Seriously a public safety violation all-around.

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Deport him to Russia's new Conservative Camp.. err.. i mean Village

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Couple this with Hawaii's new research that Lunar cycles will make coastal tides larger for the next 10-15 years starting around mid-2030s*...

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"We are the cancer now"

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