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In practical terms I’m equally likely to make it big picking up an instrument today as I was as a child.

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I once heard a guy say this like he was profound at a bdsm discussion. Like dude, it’s funny on the internet, but you’re just describing disappointing your partner on purpose

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The Soviets did shoot him before he did any of that. Like idk what your definition of betrayal is, but mine includes shooting your comrades

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Yeah this was really a collective clusterfuck. I still wish they’d do something with RWBY though. It was terrible but beautifully and uniquely so

[-] [email protected] 6 points 2 hours ago

Alternatively he was the adult in the room

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Yes, but this really does just mean we should have a government provided publisher for government funded research. I paid for this research every 4/15 and i shouldn’t have to pay again if I want to see it

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Well you have successfully doomed me to a day of attempting to deal with the same dang server error.

And here I thought that this might be a nice way to set up a few things my wife would like

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Probably both. Like a year or two later she’d have more or less moved past that. But also looking back with empathy for my past self it was a lie of self preservation not of cowardice. I think she really needed to hear that she was strong enough to bear the price of honesty.

She’d also be very confused as to why some lady came up to her, smacked her lovingly, held her tight, and told her to cherish mom, try theater, study more, apply to better schools, and choose Mechanical Engineering. The last thing teenagers want is yet another adult telling them the exact same things their parents tell them, but dammit they were right about that.

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16 year old me would be confused because she had just decided she wasn’t trans.

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Yeah I could probably afford a house on a single income, but not a nice one, and definitely not with kids.

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I’m mixed, first responders shouldn’t decide what lives are worth living, but I also believe in the right to die.

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I’m just trying to get comfortably intoxicated. That means about 3-5 hits every hour or two OR the about 2-3 drinks and one every hour or so. Never both at once or I get sick.

Trying to keep up just makes me sick today and tomorrow. I’ll celebrate my cheap intoxication instead

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