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Yknow my brain sometimes alerts me to a coming alarm the minute before it goes off too but I don’t get some hardon for God about it. What a fuckface. (Also the Sandy hook thing… Same guy right?)

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Yes and no? The humans, probably. The accounts created to keep tabs on the leftist humans? Maybe not…?

Just kidding, NO conservative or government groups have EVER silently infiltrated ANY leftist groups, and me suggesting any account here is a propaganda bot or whatever is TOTALLY outrageous!

Post anything you want here, it’ll NEVER get screenshotted & linked back to you or your job in some giant hack in 5 years 🥳🤩😎

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It’s worth asking who makes money off of them not doing so. Any ideas? Like, maybe all their related repair shops, parts manufacturers, dealerships for when the damage was too much? That’s all lost revenue if they make things safer. & if the NTSB doesn’t make them do it, they won’t

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Huh. Funny i remember posting something about not believing shit you read in the NYT and getting thoroughly scoured for it and yettttt

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…”Guano-ey” Appleseed? 🫠

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Wtf is BREAD doing there?! You don’t have VEGETABLES at BREAKFAST this is AMERICA

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I know what to do with this information!

Rotate it in my mind. It’s free. No one can stop me.

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Allow me to just simply say DON’T DO IT. DON’T FUCKING DO IT. There are very few examples of regretting something you haven’t tried but this is one

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Incorrect ways to jumpstart a car (Fig 1 of N)

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Honestly they’ll probably redo it with a different name & hide that they’re doing it. A year from now when the PR crisis blows over. (LOOK OLYMPICS!) Let’s be honest. The cost of these things for a tech giant is a fine they can pay, 10y from now

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Good for them. Know who else prioritizes security? Me doing Kon-Mari on half my software tools & reinstalling only the ones that bring joy onto a Linux distro. good god it’s so much easier now.

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I’ve had to hear the F-slur at EVERY ONE of my workplaces. I’m middle aged and in tech. Makes me want to cry…

At the funeral of some homophobe straight man who finally gets a taste of his own medicine 💅

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