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I wish this were way higher than it is.

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This is basically the same as saying "I'm not concerned about government back doors or encryption being banned since I'm not doing anything wrong, so it doesn't affect me".

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...what? Use a VPN -> download the APK. Not hard.

APKs are signed so you can easily know if they were tampered with.

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I read this article the other day and tried working from my bed but couldn't do it for more than maybe 15 mins.

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The One China policy doesn't say it's part of China (PRC). It's acknowledging that there is one "China", and both Taiwan and China are part of it, but it doesn't say if Taiwan (ROC) is China and PRC is part of it, or if China (PRC) is China and Taiwan is part of it.

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Hyper was the standard for Rust web servers way before it was used by curl for anything.

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Because it's the equivalent of saying society should not stop using coal or fossil fuels or those people who pump your gas for you because "what about the employees????". No, the world needs to move on.

If your company produces shitty products that people don't want, then they shouldn't exist and you should find a different job rather investing your livelihood in such a bad idea.

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It's worth it for me and a lot of other people.

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100%. That's the perfect way of putting it too. Sagan seemed super humble and had a genuine state of wonder with with universe. NDT seems like an insufferable know it all douche who just likes publicity. Being a know it all seems antithetical to science.

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just 2 people

What does this mean?

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I know bike tires will lose pressure in colder seasons because the air temp causes the pressure to drop, but is the inverse true? Does bike tire pressure go up in summer due to heat?

If so, do I need to deflate the tires a bit in summer? Do bike tires ever explode because of a temperature change?

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Seriously, there was a time when Google was lauded for all kinds of awesome innovation, and joked about that you needed a PhD to even be a janitor there.

Look at them now. They can't even do basic search functionality anymore, and are so misguided that they put out color filters for video.

I 100% agree they need to just stop existing at this point.

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Vermont can outlaw billboards across the state, but when it comes to everything digital, it seems like nothing's safe. We cannot even check out email on a dedicated email client application without being subjected to ads, both in the form of spam emails, marketing lists, and now even ads from the program itself.

IMO the government should be stepping in to regulate where ads can be placed, just like Vermont did with billboards.

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Not with their end product - the powder itself is excellent. But every little packet is plastic, and doesn't have to be. The world has such a serious problem with plastics, and for a lot of products it's kind of necessary, but this is not one of them.

Restaurants have had the same size single serving packets for sugar, salt, and pepper for decades now and those are paper, which is much more environmentally friendly. It's even better for usability! With paper, I don't need to go find my scissors like I do for TWW's plastic packets.

I asked TWW if they would consider using paper instead, but got a generic reply that they'll bring it up, but evidently nothing has been done about this.

Is anyone else as disappointed as I am with their use of plastic packets? I care a lot about having clean water for my coffee, and I care just as much about not polluting the rest of the world because of it.

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