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I am also in this meme and don't like it

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I would argue that. There are some very technical communities, though they are rare

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The cool kids have a person who follows them just to downvote them. Lawl

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While I can make original memes, I generally don't have time to. My meme net is wide, so I share the great ones I find

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Her online petition called “Stop Bruce Blakeman’s Personal Nassau County Militia” has received more than 2,600 signatures, and opponents have held rallies pillorying both the program and the lack of details on training, scope of recruitment and parameters of the deputies’ duties.

No way that this will be used as a hit list or list of 'trouble makers'. They most certainly are safe from retribution from an unsanctioned milita (gang) they openly opposed.

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Just like the 2020 election

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You are all talking about Abe's assassination, but forgetting this happened

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Prompt: Borris Vallejo styled art. Steampunk dragon with a gothic carriage on its back. Fire. People hanging off the carriage

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I believe they are relatively hard to move, but I'm not a solar expert by any stretch (though it's a different story when it comes to soil).

Somewhat related: putting panels on reclaimed tailings ponds or waste rock dumps is a good idea, in that usually these have an engineered cover (rock/soil/LDPE) That limits rooting depth (don't want plants reaching what we are trying to protect [toxic waste]) so we plant grasses and shit rather than trees. Grasses + panels is the best of both cover stability and green energy


Freerunner made it

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Fucking autocorrect had it as 'rage'


Muh cowz!!!! Bad bear! Pew pew

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