The Sega Dreamcast (lemmy.world)
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It is undeniable that the dreamcast was a solid machine that had good games and a sleek look, but was ultimately overshadowed by the goliath that is the PS2.

What do you guys think, how could the Dreamcast kept surviving? Should SEGA thought reeling back the Saturn?

It certainly was praised, but didn't get the chance it needed, personally I considered it to be a part of the prior gen (N64, PS1)

Let me know your thoughts!

Legend of Zelda (lemmy.world)
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What is your favourite LOZ game? My fave is twilight princess as it was the first zelda game I played. Being it on the Wii.

What about you?

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What was the first ever distro you installed and used? For me, it was Mint as I seemed like the closest thing to Windows minus all the forced updates and chappy changes.

Currently on Fedora GNOME now but what about you? What made you choose your first distro diving into the world of Linux?

I wanna hear your thoughts!

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The DLC I'll admit is what they are jokingly known for but someone could "find some treasure" can avoid that. But good answer nonetheless!

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What is your favourite developer company? Mine is ID Tech because they made games like the original DooM games which have serious long standing modding support and Quake for some of those tense DM games!

What are yours?

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I am a chad htop enjoyer, I find btop and other alternatives too much on the eyes for me personally and HTOP has enough info for me to take a look at in terms of system resources.

Either that or I just use the regular gnome GUI system monitor lol

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I prefer Flatpaks because it's a nice easy way of getting software without the chance of broken or missing dependencies for a program.

Much better than Snaps, snaps is flatpaks but MUCH worse and slower.

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Title says it all lads.

Do you prefer your games bought digitally on a storefront I.e. Steam, PSN etc OR on a disc in your shelf?

Personally on PC I always get games from GOG and Steam because obviously most titles are digital and it is convenient for me. (Despite owning TF2 on disc since 2007! Yep!)

When it's consoles though, I always wanna get it on disc and I am glad I go the extra mile for it especially when new games like SF6 are on preowned sales. Look at the PSN fiasco with shows, this is why I prefer physical media on consoles because you can keep it.

PC = Convenience, laziness and most are digital only anyway

Console = Don't want scummy corpos taking stuff I bought away from me, disc it is.

Your thoughts lads?

Microtransactions (lemmy.world)
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I don't know about you chaps but I absolutely detest the modern approach companies have with their franchises and games.

I remember you'd get the game on disc and that was it. Or maybe a expansion to go with it which improved it 100%

An example would be say the mortal kombat games, you used to be able to have all the characters or Unlock them. But now you gotta pay up to 100% the game if you want everything.

What rustles your jimmies lads?

Thank you!

Emulation (lemmy.world)
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What are your favourite games to relive your nostalgia on what emulator? I used to play the hell out of Monkeyball on gamecube so I enjoy using Dolphin for that or Mario Sunshine.

Emulation has given me a wide backlog of great titles to play in the midst of "AAA" sludge.

What's your impression on emulation? What is your favourite thing about it?


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That is fair, but personally I felt WMR is a niche feature and those with VRs can game using Steam or other vr application alternatives.

I understand that there are people that wanna use this so I get its stupid they're pulling away a feature that you actually need.

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It honestly feels good to be on windows 10 LTSC IOT. None of this nonsense bloat installed and you get exactly the security updates you need sparsed out.

I dread the moment I actually have to migrate to Windows 11 but at least this version of Windows 10 I can use like, another 9 years lol.

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Which of the two fighting franchises do you prefer most? I preferred SF likely because I liked the roster of characters from dhalsim to blanka.

I would say my favourite in the series is SF Alpha 3. Nice anime inspired gfx and mechanics.

Mortal Kombat I didn't mind but I wasn't a fan of the early 3D titles I.e. Deception because I didn't like their soul calibur like side step mechanic.

What are your thoughts?

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Title says it all, what was the first game you remember playing and had fond memories of?

For me it was the PS1, and hearing the OG Crash Bandicoot theme song never gets old for me, got it as my ringtone too!

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I made this post because I am really curious if Linux is used in offices and educational centres like schools.

While we all know Windows is the mac-daddy in the business space, are there any businesses you know or workplaces that actually Linux as a business replacement for Windows?

I.e. Mint or Ubuntu, I am not strictly talking about the server side of things.


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