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This is a gateway to murdering LGBT+ people with government allowing it.

First, you give child rape the death penalty.

Then you classify LGBT living their lives as themselves and being honest with children about that as "child abuse."

It's just a handful more steps before you're taking kids from LGBT couples and putting them to death.

That's what this looks like to me anyway, especially paired with Project 2025.

Expand the death penalty, and then further expand it to include people you don't like, by dumping them into the same category as child abusers.

Nevermind that its always fucking conservatives and religious people who fucking rape kids. It's never ~~lupus~~ a drag queen.

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Risky click of the day because I thought this said "Inflation Training" and I was suddenly thrust back 20 years reading my friends comedic gay Star Trek erotica.

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There's one way to hold them accountable, and they're pretty fucking aware of it:

You don't decide to ramp up security because people are happy with you. You do it when you know you're doing something incredibly unpopular and so you want protection from the target you put on your own back with your incredibly unpopular decision.

They know exactly what they're doing.

Edit: To be clear this is in no way an endorsement or suggestion regarding "holding them accountable." "Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you."

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The only downside of Free Open Source Software is that it has been unintentionally the biggest transfer of wealth created by labor from volunteer labor to the capitalist class in history.

Way better software, so much so that capitalists use the hell out of it to make tons of money.

The main limiting factor of the open source AI world is hardware. Hard for individual enthusiasts to compete with corporations who have billions of GPUs worth of processing power. I just have one GPU, and its an AMD, so it's even more limited because nVidia is the brand majorly used for AI projects.

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Speaking at a Bloomberg event on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum's annual meeting in Davos, Altman said the silver lining is that more climate-friendly sources of energy, particularly nuclear fusion or cheaper solar power and storage, are the way forward for AI.

"There's no way to get there without a breakthrough," he said. "It motivates us to go invest more in fusion."

It's a good trajectory, but when you have people running these companies saying that we need "energy breakthroughs" to power something that gives more accurate answers in the face of a world that's already experiencing serious issues arising from climate change...

It just seems foolhardy if we have to burn the planet down to get to 80% accuracy.

I'm glad Altman is at least promoting nuclear, but at the same time, he has his fingers deep in a nuclear energy company, so it's not like this isn't something he might be pushing because it benefits him directly. He's not promoting nuclear because he cares about humanity, he's promoting nuclear because has deep investment in nuclear energy. That seems like just one more capitalist trying to corner the market for themselves.

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this would be a great thing for humanity.

That's easy to say. Tell me how. Also tell me how to do it without it being biased about certain subjects over others. Captain Beatty would wildly disagree with this even being possible. His whole shtick in Fahrenheit 451 is that all the books disagreed with one another, so that's why they started burning them.

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in Infancy Needs Improvements

I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that if we have to invest in new energy sources just to make these tools functionably usable... maybe we're better off just paying people to do these jobs instead of burning the planet to a rocky dead husk to achieve AI?

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So this issue for me is this:

If these technologies still require large amounts of human intervention to make them usable then why are we expending so much energy on solutions that still require human intervention to make them usable?

Why not skip the burning the planet to a crisp for half-formed technology that can't give consistent results and instead just pay people a living fucking wage to do the job in the first place?

Seriously, one of the biggest jokes in computer science is that debugging other people's code gives you worse headaches than migraines.

So now we're supposed to dump insane amounts of money and energy (as in burning fossil fuels and needing so much energy they're pushing for a nuclear resurgence) into a tool that results in... having to debug other people's code?

They've literally turned all of programming into the worst aspect of programming for barely any fucking improvement over just letting humans do it.

Why do we think it's important to burn the planet to a crisp in pursuit of this when humans can already fucking make art and code? Especially when we still need humans to fix the fucking AIs work to make it functionally usable. That's still a lot of fucking work expected of humans for a "tool" that's demanding more energy sources than currently exists.

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Well everybody fucking hates the TikTok voice, but like 90% of those videos have subtitles and you can just mute the fucking thing and read what its saying.

Lots of "watching videos" is actually "reading videos" these days. Especially with technical How-To videos, which often require you to read what's on the screen as well. If my How-To video is about coding, reading the code on the screen is pretty damn important.

I'm constantly watching internet videos completely muted while reading the text subtitles.

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I posit we do more of different types of reading than we used to.

We read more things online than in traditional books, this often includes reading traditional books in an electronic format.

I've also read that subtitles are incredibly popular now, even for watching shows and movies in your own language. Foreign shows are more popular than ever, as well.

Reading novels isn't done as much but I think just the nature of why we read has changed.

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Interesting! I wonder if the automod at is just reporting all moderation actions, regardless of instance origin?

I don't think the automod on works the same way as it does on reddit. I think it does more reporting of moderation actions than doing automatic moderation, but I could be wrong.

Anyway, thanks for your feedback as well. I was aware of how was informing people of moderator actions, and I think it's really interesting that it is including actions from different instances when they're interacted with on

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Exactly. It's a moderator action on a community. rules are literally not applicable.

I edited my original comment to reflect the OP's edit.

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Copied from Reddit's /r/cscareerquestions:

The US Department of Labor is proposing a rule change that would add STEM occupations to their list of Schedule A occupations. Schedule A occupations are pre-certified and thus employers do NOT have to prove that they first sought American workers for a green card job. This comes on the heels of massive layoffs from the very people pushing this rule change.

From Tech Target:

The proposed exemption could be applied to a broad range of tech occupations including, notably, software engineering -- which represents about 1.8 million U.S. positions, according to U.S. labor statistics data -- and would allow companies to bypass some labor market tests if there's a demonstrated shortage of U.S. workers in an occupation.

Currently the comments include heavy support from libertarian think tank, Cato, and the American Immigration Lawyers Association

The San Francisco Tech scene has been riddled with CEOs whining over labor shortages for the past few months on Twitter/X amidst a sea of layoffs from Amazon, Meta, Google, Tesla, and much more. Now, we know that it's an attempt at influencing the narrative for these rule changes.

If you are having a hard time finding a job, now, this rule change will only make things worse.

From the US Census Bureau:

Does majoring in STEM Lead to a STEM job after graduation?

The vast majority (62%) of college-educated workers who majored in a STEM field were employed in non-STEM fields such as non-STEM management, law, education, social work, accounting or counseling. In addition, 10% of STEM college graduates worked in STEM-related occupations such as health care.

The path to STEM jobs for non-STEM majors was narrow. Only a few STEM-related majors (7%) and non-STEM majors (6%) ultimately ended up in STEM occupations.

If you or someone you know has experienced difficulty finding an engineering job post graduation amidst this so called shortage, then please submit your story in the remaining few days that the Public comment period is still open (ends May 13th.)

Public comment can be made, here:

Please share this with anyone else you feel has will be affected by this rule change.

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Meant to post this in main star trek community, not ten forward, d'oh.

If this is the wrong place for this, I apologize in advance and it's okay if it gets removed.

First, it was bad enough for Elon Musk references, but now...

The real life Paul Stamets, for which the character is named, hired union busters at his business, Fungi Perfecti.

But rather than recognizing and respecting these workers’ right to join together free from management interference, the union reports that Fungi Perfecti has responded by hiring the union-busting firms of Littler Mendelson P.C. and the American Labor Group. These firms represent clients such as Amazon, Apple, Google, and Starbucks, all of which have faced multiple Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) charges with the National Labor Relations Board for illegally interfering in their employees’ freedom to unionize.

These firms have attempted to slow the momentum of Fungi Perfecti workers’ organizing drive with typical union-busting tactics like “unrequired” meetings that are heavily encouraged.

“ALG has been distributing anti-union propaganda that, in some cases, are outright lies,” said Derek Sewell, a warehouse worker for Fungi Perfecti. “But we will not be discouraged. It’s just unfortunate that they are spending thousands of dollars on union-busting to try to discourage us rather than investing in making Fungi Perfecti and better and more sustainable place to work.”

Anyway, my opinion is firmly that if they're going to make references, it needs to be about people who are already dead, whose negatives are known, and who can't come back and fuck your reference up by becoming a horrible person as your life goes on.

Because these living people keep revealing how Un-Star-Trek they are, imho.

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Hmm, I wonder why this shadowy organization sounds so... familiar?

I think it might be safe to file this one under "Good News." It sounds like everyone kept their jobs and the union is intact.

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Edward Zitron has been reading all of google's internal emails that have been released as evidence in the DOJ's antitrust case against google.

This is the story of how Google Search died, and the people responsible for killing it.

The story begins on February 5th 2019, when Ben Gomes, Google’s head of search, had a problem. Jerry Dischler, then the VP and General Manager of Ads at Google, and Shiv Venkataraman, then the VP of Engineering, Search and Ads on Google properties, had called a “code yellow” for search revenue due to, and I quote, “steady weakness in the daily numbers” and a likeliness that it would end the quarter significantly behind.

HackerNews thread:

MetaFilter thread:

submitted 1 month ago* (last edited 1 month ago) by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Edward Zitron has been reading all of google's internal emails that have been released as evidence in the DOJ's antitrust case against google.

This is the story of how Google Search died, and the people responsible for killing it.

The story begins on February 5th 2019, when Ben Gomes, Google’s head of search, had a problem. Jerry Dischler, then the VP and General Manager of Ads at Google, and Shiv Venkataraman, then the VP of Engineering, Search and Ads on Google properties, had called a “code yellow” for search revenue due to, and I quote, “steady weakness in the daily numbers” and a likeliness that it would end the quarter significantly behind.

HackerNews thread:

MetaFilter thread:

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We're heading to New Vegas in Season 2, and this is the only character I really would like to see resurface, mostly because Yes Man saved me from never finishing New Vegas. I was starting to get bored with the plot and Yes Man brought me back in.

Dave Foley killed as it Yes Man, and I would love to see him back in the role. I was a big fan of Foley from Kids in the Hall/News Radio days, and I was overjoyed when I ran into Yes Man and recognized his voice. Dave Foley has exactly the kind of absurd cheery demeanor a character like Yes Man needs.

Further, I'm going to assume the Courier/Yes Man taking over the Strip ending of New Vegas probably isn't canon, it means there's ample opportunity potentially for Yes Man to continue being the best Yes Man that he is.

Hell, I'd love to see any of the Kids in the Hall in Season 2, honestly. Kevin McDonald keeps looking weirder every fucking year, he would fit in with wastelanders. Hell, the new Kids in the Hall season was an Amazon Prime show, and both Kevin and Dave went full frontal nudity with their weird old bodies. They're the right kind of fit for the wasteland.

I would also think Foley's "Doomsday DJ" sketch is a great example of why they need him in Season 2 of Fallout.

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Casey's expletive-laden rant continued, "You're being duped by a bunch of grifters and billionaires who don't give a shit about you or your family. They care about their fucking tax breaks and the money they can put in their pocket. If you consider yourself a patriot and you're spouting off that election-denying shit, I will fight your ass outside if you want to. Wake the fuck up!"

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In January and February I had curated some playlists and shared them with friends and we watched them together via Watch Together. There was previously an option to Grant Access to the playlist, and after granting access, you could click Watch Together and start a watch party.

However, sometime in the last few weeks this option has disappeared in playlists, and now I am restricted to granting access, but not being able to watch together.

Really the only people who have access to my server is my partner and three friends. This has been a huge bummer, because I was curating old shows complete with old commercials in between.

If anyone has info on why this changed, I'd love to have an understanding, because the change kind of blows...

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I have a degree that would put me at Helpdesk Level II if I could find a fucking job.

I literally don't know how to find remote jobs, so I continue to just find and work shitty blue-collar jobs in my city.

I have CML and it would be really nice to have a job that sort of helped me get my medical problems in order. It's either that or being a deadbeat who works part-time just so I can qualify for the ACA and get my $16k a month medications covered.

I have other health problems beyond the CML that would make my life a lot easier if I didn't have to be on my feet all day. I really struggle with it and have to take anti-nausea meds all day and pain meds all day to manage it, whereas I don't need those anywhere near as much if I'm in a chair.

So the first order of business, Lemmy, is how the hell do I even look for a remote job to begin with?

I'll probably come back for more questions about how to actually get a job like that because I feel like I don't know wtf I'm doing when it comes to resumes/cover letters either (part of it is I don't want to write fan-fiction about some shitty job that will mistreat me).

I'm bad at being evil. (
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First time playing an "evil" campaign, with a friend running a Durge.

We're failing so miserably in so many comic ways.

We killed most of the origin companions because they're mostly good two-shoes. When we were done only Lae'zel and Astarion were left.

In Act 2, because we murdered Shadowheart in Act 1, we were locked out of killing the Nightsong because we didn't have Shar's Chosen with us. Even after killing Isobel, somehow we ended up with both Jaheira and the Nightsong at our camp, through bad decisions and forgetting to save frequently.

Further, Minthara was glitched and missing in Act 2 after our Durge romanced her in Act 1 but chose not to give in to her urge and kill Minthara because we wanted to recruit her Overly Attached Girlfriend self to our party.

By Act 3, our Monk said "I feel like we're bad at being evil."

I sort of do, too. Being a goody-two-shoes in real life can make it hard to know how to be a sinister mustache twirling villain.

Critique (
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I literally do blame the Democrats for Trump, and if you don't, you weren't paying attention.

Plenty of us were critiquing Clinton's campaign on those merits and were consistently talked down to in shocker the same way we're being talked down to now. Shocker, she lost. I remember saying a few weeks before the election "We're about to get Brexited." I put my vote down for Clinton, because Trump is fucking insane, and that was clear before he was President. It was clear in the fucking 1980's.

Being able to critique our leaders is supposed to be what is the difference between us and conservative voters. They're the cult who unquestioningly believes all the bullshit that comes out of Trump's mouth and diapers. I find it weird that people think we should be more like them in regards to our leaders like that would be a good thing.

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