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And then you can go through and delete all your comments, lessening the value of Reddit as a platform.

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I have USAA, and if you use that app you’re eligible for discounts on your insurance.

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Something something broken clock. Absolutely fuck Ken Paxton, but this is the right thing to do.

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Huh? What do you think they promised that wasn’t delivered that would’ve made this anything that a phone app couldn’t do better? Fundamentally, talking to things sucks, but phones support that anyway. The gimmicky interface is worse than just a touch screen. You have to wear the fucking thing which makes it useless if I’m in bed or whatever. The AI was shit but could just as easily be integrated into an app. It was a shit product from design to execution.

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You both need to stop saying the 21st amendment. Hard to take the rest of your history lessons seriously when you’re saying Lincoln repealed prohibition. It was the 13th amendment.

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I would argue that anyone who says C++ provides a similar level of memory safety as rust hasn’t done serious development work in either language.

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I don’t think anyone is saying this is sound economic theory, just that Christianity has a lot of kooky shit that modern Christians are ignorant of and are contradictory to the theocracy they envision.

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Whaaaaat? Y posted something misleading? Do you think this person might be biased?

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Those aren’t targets painted on, they’re munitions. This A-10 shot a cow at enemy combatants.

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