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OP wanted less drama, reporting people seems like it will have precisely the opposite effect, even if it may be the right thing to do.

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It seems crazy that intel were forced into a full recall by the backlash over the FDIV bug in the 90's, but now they get away with far worse.

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The WHO advises not to use them

Personally I don't agree with their reasoning, but given the controversy I don't feel comfortable forcing them on people.

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I personally find it quite easy to differentiate between different artificial sweeteners.

I also used to be on a medication with a mild interaction with phenylalanine, which is in aspartame, so I could tell if I drank something with that.

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Because most soft drinks replaced the sugar with artificial sweeteners.... No real sugar allowed for the proles.

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The USA gave the Afghan mujahideen stinger missiles expecting them to only be used against Russia, people have short memories.

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Didn't he close source a bunch of the parts to his newest printer?

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It was the original home 3d printer, but it kinda got overtaken by cheap mass produced printers. Prusa was originally a member.

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That's never really been an issue with HDDs as far as I'm aware, although 10k rpm drives were known to be more fragile IIRC. The lower life and robustness of QLC vs SLC flash is well known.

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Generally the more layers you add to an SSD the less robust it is. If this is real your data will be corrupt within a week.

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I doubt they'd bother to make fake people, it's probably easier to find a single real swivel eyed loon from each constituency than invent them.


"In a letter to private health entrepreneur Praful Nargund, the former Labour leader said voters had been left “disappointed by your repeated ducking of local hustings.”"

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