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person trying to make a career out of being the living embodiment of the idea of ragebait says something intended to provoke angry reactions from people

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If you figure it out, I know several companies that would be more than willing to drop 7 figures a year to license the tech from you

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I'd love to hear how you managed to convince someone to do complex, detailed work over 8 months without paying them

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Well well well, if it isn't the consequences of my own actions

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Would you give candid testimony if you knew that your boss - let alone the general public - were going to see it later?

The breakdown you are wanting shouldn't be generally available within LMG, let alone publicly available.

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Absolutely, which is why they hired external consultants to do the review - they are a neutral third party, with a reputation of fairness to uphold

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Those are the findings of the report - what kind of specifics were you expecting?

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Assuming you aren't trolling; LMG:

  • Hired a professional HR firm
  • Gave them access to their internal records and communications
  • Gave them free reign to talk to whoever they need
  • Tasked them to work out what happened, and provide them with instructions to improve their processes

If that isn't the right thing to do, then what is?

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Dude wouldn't know what to do with a condom.

My theory is it's not dementia, it's neurosyphilis. Party like it's 1825!

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Almost certainly - can't remember where I heard it, but if it was a 99pi story it'll be that

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Was the same deal with pinball in the US at one point iirc - a bunch of places tried to ban pinball because it was seen as being the same as slot machines, until a professional player got a machine in front of the supreme court and repeatedly called his shots to prove it was a skill game

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git-annex maybe?

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The KDE 6 announcement says that

On prior versions you chose between either password or fingerprint authentication for the lockscreen. In Plasma 6, both are supported at the same time.

I've updated my Neon install, what do I need to do to enable this? I've set up a fingerprint through the user settings, but when the screen is locked I still have to use my password to unlock - there isn't a prompt, and touching the reader doesn't seem to do anything

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I'm trying to find a thing, and I'm not turning up anything in my web searches so I figure I'd ask the cool people for help.

I've got several projects, tracked in Git, that rely on having a set of command line tools installed to work on locally - as an example, one requires Helm, Helmfile, sops, several Helm plugins, Pluto, Kubeval and the Kubernetes CLI. Because I don't hate future me, I want to ensure that I'm installing specific versions of these tools rather than just grabbing whatever happens to be the latest version. I also want to ensure that my CI runner grabs the same versions, so I can be reasonably sure that what I've tried locally will actually work when I go to deploy it.

My current solution to this is a big ol' Bash script, which works, but is kind of a pain to maintain. What I'm trying to find is a tool where I:

  • Can write a definition, ideally somewhere shared between projects, of what it means to "install tool X"
  • Include a file in my project that lists the tools and versions I want
  • Run the tool on my machine and let it go grab the platform- and architecture- specific binaries from wherever, and install them somewhere that I can add to my $PATH for this specific project
  • Run the tool in CI and do the same - if it can cache stuff then awesome

Linux support is a must, other platforms would be nice as well.

Basically I'm looking for Pythons' pip + virtualenv workflow, but for prebuilt tools like helm, terraform, sops, etc. Anyone know of anything? I've looked at homebrew (seems to want to install system-wide), and VSCode dev containers (doesn't solve the CI need, and I'd still need to solve installing the tools myself)

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