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Their sacrifice is for noble cause 🙏

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When you're in your 80s, decline can come about VERY quickly and without warning. It, unfortunately, is much more of a concern than it was in 2016.

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Anticolonialist is one of the usual suspects for cheerleading fascism under the guise of 'bothsides'. Best to just ignore them.

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It's a hard thing to come to terms with losing your edge with age. I'm glad he listened to reason in the end.

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Defeatism gets us nowhere. We live in unusual times - they are what we make of them. And I say we make this a Dem fucking victory so we don't have to live (or die) under a fascist fucking regime.

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Sanders is too old. God love him, but it would not inspire confidence. If we're going for a prominent progressive on the ticket, we'd have to go AOC.

More likely though, Harris will pick someone who is an old white moderate male, though, unfortunately.

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Many of the people involved in such agitation are not arguing in good faith. They simply want to attack the 'libs' at every opportunity, and reality be damned.

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Just posing for a photo - they're both air crew, so they'd normally be in a plane anyway.

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Man, AOC and Sanders are trying to maintain party unity by making public statements, whatever their private thoughts, and I deeply respect them for that. Not nearly as fond of a relict from the 90s and a politician with notoriously bad judgement wrt the electorate putting in pressure behind the scenes.


Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton are privately supporting Biden and have been encouraging donors to continue giving and stick with the president, two sources familiar with the matter told ABC News.

One source described the Clintons’ support as "encouraging," "supportive" and "deferential" to Biden’s decision to stay in this race.

Trying to fuck the country again

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OP reinvents tail gunners

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Legitimately, I don't think corporations are thinking on that scale. They can't even see past next quarter.

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Cool, thanks for acknowledging that you have no response to my argument. You have fun pretending that democracy is when people agree with you.

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