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Agree, and I was more so using the comparison between “early intentions” vs “real action” that both of the companies made. Basically, they lied to everyone, got in control, and did whatever they wanted.

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I feel like if Genesis is the basis for this, it would only make sense to apply it to the age of the universe, evolution, etc. And that is a depressing thought experiment.

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We often just call them “charts”, too, regardless if it’s just a wall of text.

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My friend used to work for CNET. She was laid off along with a decent amount of her coworkers years ago, maybe as much as 10+ IIRC, but yeah - they’ve been going downhill for awhile now and it seems to only be accelerating.

It’s really a shame because they used to be such a trusted source. Enshittification marches on to a steady beat.

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Right? Even the fan fiction could have had a happy ending….but no.

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What is happening in North America is not a regional aberration; it’s part of a global departure — what climate scientists call a phase shift. The past year has seen virtually every metric of planetary distress lurch into uncharted territory: sea surface temperature, air temperature, polar ice loss, fire intensity — you name it, it is off the charts. It was 72 degrees Fahrenheit in Wisconsin on Tuesday, and 110 degrees Fahrenheit in Paraguay; large portions of the North Pacific and the South Atlantic are running more than five degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

Thomas Smith, an environmental geographer at the London School of Economics, summed it up this way for the BBC in July, “I’m not aware of a similar period when all parts of the climate system were in record-breaking or abnormal territory.” And with these extremes comes lethality: More than 130 souls perished last month in wildfires outside Valparaiso, Chile — more than the number of dead in the Maui fire last August or the Paradise, Calif., fire in 2018 — making them the world’s deadliest since Australia’s Black Saturday fires in 2009.

Damn. That’s depressing.

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Probably just screaming into the void about “freedom” and “owning the libs” as they either freeze, burn, or drown while voting yet again to restrict the rights of women/LGBTQ/POC.

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Thanks for volunteering to do that. It seems like y’all respond to just about any kind of emergency.

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One girl drank two cups, and another girl drank one cup and a third said she did not like the smoothies and barely drank any at all. It was unclear how many smoothies Meyden’s daughter drank, but one girl told police it appeared to be a significant amount, the affidavit said.

One girl drank at least twice as much as the others, and the guy drugged his own daughter, too. What a piece of shit.

A girl who told police she drank two smoothies said she began to feel woozy, hot and clumsy, shortly after finishing the second smoothie. She said she “blacked out” and slipped into a “thick, deep sleep” she never experienced before, the affidavit said.

I know they’re only 12, but how much did he put in there I wonder?

And did the girl who didn’t drink much of the smoothie just not like the flavor or whatever, or did she think it tasted weird because she could taste whatever he spiked it with?

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So she’s a classical kind of girl?

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Those eps were excellent, as well as his piece in Rolling Stone.

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Penile fracture is an uncommon but serious medical condition that might result from unusual instances, including the presence of foreign objects such as a toothbrush implant.

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