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I mean, it took me 12+ hours to hear that Trump had been shot.

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I can guarantee they already had that shit ready to go, in case Biden pulled a McConnell and stroked out in front of a camera. His advanced age is 100% a factor in them being ready to deploy the Harris hate, because he (along with much of our elected officials) could keel over at any moment simply due to old age.

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I disagree, simply because democrats are statistically much less likely to vote at all. There are more democrats than republicans, but history has shown that they simply don’t turn up to the voting booth when they don’t like the current pick. Maybe the fear of Trump will be enough to get them in to vote… But that was Biden’s strategy for getting votes too, and look how well that panned out for him.

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And yet we still don’t have abortion protections, gunshot wounds are the #1 cause of death in children, the housing market is on fire, the “minimum wage should be $15” conversation has been going on for so long that it should be nearly $30 now, there is an activist republican supermajority in the SCOTUS, and there are openly fascist candidates as republican front runners because the Overton window has shifted so far right.

Democrats haven’t been winning elections because people have been excited about good democrat candidates; They have been winning because democrat voters are terrified of a republican in office.

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Which is ironic, because he picked Harris then used her as the bearer of bad news at every single opportunity.

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I think people are angry about the timing. It feels like too little, too late. If he had made the decision at the beginning of the year, then sure. But now it’ll be rushed, and people won’t be able to agree on a single candidate. And people are worried that, due to the resulting lack of agreement, a split vote will hand the win to Trump.

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It’s really up to the individual organizations to fix. There’s not going to be some global “congrats, we pushed and update and now everything is fine” patch, because the crash is preventing a patch from being loaded. It requires manual intervention on every single affected machine. If it’s a large organization with a lean IT team, that could mean days or weeks until every single machine is actually fixed; They’ll be prioritizing the mission-critical systems, so they’ll triage. Start with the wide reaching systems, then the most important employees. The intern will just have to wait.

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Just an FYI, Windows likely just moved your files from users\[username] to users\[username]\OneDrive instead. When OneDrive sets itself up, it basically grabs all of the relevant folders and moves them into a single “OneDrive” folder. Not a huge issue if you’re setting up the PC for the first time. But if you’ve been using the PC for a while, it’ll break everything because now all of your local files have moved and none of your systems are pointing at the right location anymore. For instance, your desktop is likely black because your image file got moved into that OneDrive folder.

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Oh this is honestly a good one that I wouldn’t have thought of. Just obscure enough to be unknown, but still solid.

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I mean, there are historical roots for why the dems don’t run primaries against an incumbent. The last time they did, we ended up with Reagan winning in a landslide. Not defending Biden as a candidate, but there’s definitely a reason why the dems don’t run against a sitting president.

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Yeah, the “Linux is easy” rhetoric doesn’t really do Linux any favors. If you’ve been told “Linux is easy” and it’s not, then you have a tendency to give up because “well if it’s easy for everyone else but I can’t figure it out, I guess it’s just not for me.”

Trying to convert someone to Linux needs to be an honest conversation, and “Linux is easy” isn’t honest. There will be growing pains. You will need to re-learn things. You will need to google things. You will get an insane amount of toxic “lul rtfm noob” responses from the community if you ever have the audacity to ask for help. If you’re lucky, they’ll at least include a link to the relevant documentation.

But at least that’s honest, and will give the person realistic expectations. They won’t go into it expecting a direct 1:1 Windows replacement, only to be disappointed. People who say “Linux is easy” are like the vegan trying to convince you that soy bacon tastes exactly like the real thing, in an attempt to convert you. When it tastes worse than the real thing, you’ll just be disappointed and less likely to convert to veganism in the future.

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Yup, exactly this. DARVO is the standard abusers’ playbook, and it also applies to oppression.

D is Deny/Downplay. “No, oppression doesn’t happen. And if it does, it’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be.”

A is Attack. When they can’t deny it anymore, they’ll go on the offensive. Try to redirect the focus back to the victim. “Well what about…”

RVO is Reverse Victim and Offender. When outright attacking the victim doesn’t work, they move on to playing the victim. Make the real victim look bad, to garner sympathy. Pretend to be the helpless one in the situation, and say that the victim is attacking you for no reason.

When the oppressed fight back, the oppressors will act offended and use it to further victimize the oppressed.



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