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Lol that's great

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What's this about? I'm OOTL

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Just feel happy, how hard can it be /s

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She's Hoshiko, and yes she's mine! Thank you, I will give her so many pets for you.

My hb and I have another one too, named Peaches.

I'm sorry about Molly. I'm sure you gave her the best life!

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They can put "genocide" in quotes all they want, but it doesn't take away from the fact that what he's saying seems accurate

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There's no rule that says a possum can't play football

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She is on the no-fly list

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Always happy to see her posts, too

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Oates betrayed him :(

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No added context

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I'm Gen X too, and I feel the same!

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One time it wasn't a bigot, but an old guy taking creepshots of college girls on the light rail

Edit: If you're going to argue against my meme, then why don't you tell me what you expect me to do when I see someone hurling epithets and slurs against brown people or trans people, or homophobes calling me a "faggot" and spitting at me? Just sit there on my hands like a useless log?

And moreover, if you've come here from other instances for the sole purpose of calling me names, I'm going to report that shit and message your instance admins. There is NOTHING about my post or comments that is attacking or insulting anyone, unless you're a creep or a bigot.

I'm not going to sit idly by while others cause harm.

Remember to always stand up for what's right. Ignore the ignorant people who tell you not to. They're part of the problem.

This is an essential part of mutual aid

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I love Moldy Monday! I get to share all the old pictures on my phone

Serious rule (i.ibb.co)
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Edit: Blocked the author's name, because it's not my tumblr. I didn't expect so many people to misinterpret it and respond in this way.

Edit 2: This is not from the same author, but it's a reply to them. I think it might help clarify the post for those that are confused:

I normally don't worry about usernames on tumblr, but since there've been some really out-of-pocket misconceptions in the thread, I don't want anyone to harass them.

PSU rule (i.ibb.co)
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Looks like they're planning on running Linux

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