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That’s definitely not true. Just yesterday I was eating a salad (with chicken and bacon and cheese even) and I had an older coworker pass by and grumpily tell me he didn’t eat rabbit food.

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It’s not though. Even though we’d prefer a different candidate, everyone who isn’t a complete moron has at least agreed that we’re gonna stick with Biden because he’s better than the alternative and it’s not even close.

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You have to put the instance name if you want to search for a user. I just did the same search on voyager for [email protected] and it went straight to their profile.

Otherwise yeah, the search probably defaults to only users on your server.

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I thought so too, but then I tried it and I really hated it. If you find yourself getting recommended a bunch of clickbaity videos, then maybe it would be something you’d like, but I tend to block those types of creators so I don’t really see them, so all dearrow ever did for me was make the titles and thumbnails of some of the videos I normally would watch really boring and bland. I trust someone like Tom Scott or Smartereveryday to not use their titles and thumbnails to lie to me to fool me into watching their videos, and since those were the only types of creators that were being affected by dearrow for me, I found it worse when seeing their videos in my recommended list. I personally don’t mind watching a video titled “Why Blue LEDS were really hard to create” instead of seeing something like “This video is about how different colored LEDS were created” with some bland screenshot showing an assembly line of lights or whatever.

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Not just spam, but really shitty spam too. My Lemmy viewer of choice doesn’t even allow for the viewing of profiles, so I wouldn’t even know how to get to “her” page if I wanted to.

I consider this a good thing for multiple reasons.

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Is this the first time you’ve ever been exposed to humor?

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The good news is neither do they.

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The Nintendo Switch Pro was sent back to House of Fraser in January

Dude had the only Switch Pro in existence and he got rid of it? He deserves the pants.

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I hate it when my job gets loose.

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Wouldn’t that mean it’s a popular opinion and the downvote was warranted?

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Don’t make it weird, man, just fume without trying to work out whatever sex kink you have going on. This isn’t the place.

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Stay mad, little guy.


Really getting tired of seeing references to everything here being a repost from Reddit. We get it, this place needs content and posting old stuff is a quick and easy way to do that. Maybe you don’t need to point that out in the title of every single post you make?

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