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I wish people were THAT passionate about REAL life/world problems/ injustices and make fun of the real people in power, who allow Ubisoft to do such things

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Ok, possibly fair enough..

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Ok, that made me chuckle… ngl

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Ofcourse they had seen him! It’s going to take alot (and it should) to convince me they haven’t seen him!

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I know there is a small percentage of LGBTQ Muslims in the arab world.. Most probably keep it a secret except for their partner (if they have any).. And they are wise to keep it a secret if they live in a muslim country… But its nothing personal really, its basically just to avoid stress on the community and potential disasters.. I explained the concept to another user under this post too..

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News sources appear to be lying in the worst scenario, or distorting and confusing you, in the best scenario ..

Security footage on YouTube shows him illegally approaching a plane that was getting started to move on the runway.. then cuts for some mysterious secret reason… The plane was only “taxxiing” (slowly turning itself) on the tarmac…

People claim to be close to the incident say he was sucked in the turbines (not “snuck in”).. others say he was sucked in but wasn’t chopped because a protruding part stopped his body from getting deeper..Fact we know for sure is he died in the end..

So i am only concerned by one thing, that even AI cannot give me a straight answer.. Why didn’t the pilots stop the engine when they saw him?

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Humans are very different from one another … What one community (who just have barely enough in common to become a community theirselves) , (chances are), will not be compatible with other outside communities..

So as a practical scenario, introducing a person who doesn’t meet the minimum requirements (standards) will introduce too much stress in a community in the long run, taking into consideration that any community is already stressed because of disputes happening among their selves..

As an important side note , countries today don’t actually live as a community, but rather, under a secular regime… and even if this regime claims it applies religious laws, it doesn’t.. Because it is only through the twisted eyes of the elite.. The laws of religion can only be applied in a real community ecosystem where the people can only survive by serving one another in a decentralized manner..

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Trust me there are no threats in the foreseeable future.. If half the world is Muslim people territory, you could just go to the other half..

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No pleease… Arab governments are just as wicked and evil as other governments around the world.. Also arab people hate their governments, the recent example is for not actually supporting and defending Palestine.

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Leechers, Debrid or whatever you'd like to call it,

I had this question for many years now.. I wonder If I can can do anything to fix the file?

They always look super legit, with the correct file size and everything, maybe I am missing something?

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What is your opinion about it, and does it have more or less people compared to Lemmy?

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