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Super Mario 64 on my switch. Reminds me of great childhood memories.

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My point was that I had linked to plenty of countries not located within north or south America.

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I have a surface pro 8 and love it for school work in grad school. I love the stylus for note-taking and load it up with pirated textbooks. Saved $670 - $780 (used vs new) on next semester's books.

I can't see myself buying a new one tho once I finish school.

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Oh whoops, my bad..

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This doesn't look heavenly to me.. looks ominous as fuck.

Pretty awesome tho.

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My first thought was an altered item in Control, but SCP also works.

I felt like Control was practically an SCP universe. Absolutely loved that game.

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Yeah they are so incredible!

One of the biggest hindrances for their species is the lack of social learning. The mother starves and dies protecting the eggs, so all octopuses have to learn for themselves over their short lifespans.

And that is a testament to their cunning intellect and problem-solving capability. They learn so much and so quickly.

I've wondered what would happen in an experiment where a mother octopus was hooked up to machines to deliver nutrients to prevent her from starving to death while guarding her eggs. What kind of social dynamic would then follow once they hatched? Would she teach her young?

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I totally agree with your criticism about the headline, but declaring octopuses have consciousness isn't a stretch at all in my opinion.

I highly recommend reading my blog post on animal cognition, culture, and personhood.

I have ads turned off and do not benefit in any way from my blog. I feel confident that my write-up should persuade open-minded individuals to give other animals the benefit of the doubt regarding possessing consciousness.

I have doubts about insect consciousness is any sort of relatable sense to humans, but many other animals absolutely possess consciousness similar to humans.

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Yeah, like Italians, the Irish weren't considered White. Whiteness was a concept invented to justify slavery and human exploitation in the New World. It's interesting to see how different races have become accepted as 'White' over time.

A book I highly recommend is White Fragility by Diangelo.

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Elephants are incredible animals. They have complex communication and even communicate through seismic vibrations through the ground via their feet, and they can even recognize the elephant sending the seismic message. Additionally, they have cultural practices, including funeral rituals.

For citations for these claims and more information, here is a blog post of mine (I have ads turned off and don't benefit from my blog in any way).

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I do agree with your sentiment. I think it should be a more gradual shift to madness. That makes a lot more sense to me, and it's how I always imagined it.

I liked that they are saying their name trying to maintain that last shred of humanity, but they present as more rabid extreme shifts. Like the ghoul that's killed and cannibalized going from having fluent conversations and vivid recollections to screaming his name is a bit much...

I think they should be in a confused and disoriented state like in dementia, and they should be near totally nonverbal by the point they're trying to remember who they even are. If it's caused by an irradiated brain essentially rotting away, then they shouldn't be able to articulate and be reminiscing at that point...

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Hey everyone.

I am working on my masters in clinical mental health counseling, and I want to be multiculturally sensitive, including regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

I am a straight, cisgender male, and I have only had a handful of gay and trans friends/acquaintances. Multicultural awareness is certainly part of my education, but I don't believe it is close to enough. I want to hear from communities themselves, not just textbooks.

If you feel comfortable, I would really appreciate your feedback to make me a more effective counselor working with people in your demographic.

How can I best serve you?

What have you wished a past counselor could have understood?

What really pissed you off in a therapy session?

What is the most important thing for me to try to understand?

I hope this is received well. I genuinely want to be able to effectively serve all people.

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