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Is that a dare?

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I wanna add to that Who Am I

It's a movie made by the same people

If you liked the mystery of Dark and are looking for something to scratch that itch you'll love it.

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How the hell is 717 not a prime number? Who fucked that up? I vote we just change that

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This puts a whole new spin on "Masters of the Universe"

*Edit: Wow that was a bad typo. Why are n and j even so close together on a keyboard

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I will let you choose if you wanna be turned into a paper clip or gray goo

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Very much not just an American thing. Being an adult and admitting that you need professional help for something most people master as children isn't that easy for everyone

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As a non english native I hate how english will sometimes capitalize 90% of the words when written as a title

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I just checked outside. There's light rain going on but NO TORNADO! There is also no sign of Chicago.


As for my order, I'll take two chicken nugget burger, large coke and one nacho burger, if they still have that

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Fruit is a biological term, vegetable a culinary. They are not mutually exclusive

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You should actually watch the video, he does adress them

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It's still Sunday so I was to get a deadly hearth attack right now I guess I would be doing that every weekend for the rest of my life

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