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That's not something I know about, mind putting me in the loop?

In any case, I was sarcastic if that wasn't obvious. There is good people among anarchists, as well as among those who aren't. But not having rules make it way easier for the bad apples to get their way with it, as with them it requires a lot more investment and careful planing to break them.

Anarchism, like most other social organisation theory, isn't immune to mass manipulation, coercion, or similar techniques used by the few to impose their view and interest to the broader masses.

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Europa – Reveal Trailer – Nintendo Switch

Coming in 2024.

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Little Kitty, Big City – Release Date Reveal – Nintendo Switch

Releasing May 9

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Such a cute little trailer 🥰

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I know "Top X Games" is a kind of article we grew to hate due to how they often are just ripoffs, straight copy-paste from the latest AAA release Steam pages or press releases (and thus falling under Rule 4, no low-effort posts), but this don't seem to be the case here.
The games are mostly new indie games, except Sea of Thieves, and some of them looks quite interesting to me.

The post is allowed for the time being, while we discuss about its fate on the mods Discord.

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I have to agree. The choice is terrible.

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Average Frenchman afer his morning fight.

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So, did Cassette Beasts win by a landslide ?

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15€/month, unlimited 5G data (no data cap), France.

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That's quite the old game to review. I remember playing to it even before Stellaris launch.

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Should I send this to Airbus marketing team ? 😂

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This is shopped af 😆

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Withings. Small oled display, looks like an analog watch until you use it. Ton of sensors to monitor your health, or none if you don't want that. And a huge battery. Like huge enough to lose the charger between charges 😆

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