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So today I installed Bazzite for the first time on my computer. I continued with the pre-installed steam package (which was surprisingly not flatpak).

I'm using an Intel cpu and an AMD RX6600. Games are working fine but I'm not able to use the in-game steam overlay. Some games like Apex legends rely on it to complete a sign in process. Apex is saying that I don't have in-game overlays enabled, when I clearly have it enabled (for the game and within the gernal steam settings) . I tried changing the keys from the default 'Shift+Tab' but still no luck.

Does anyone have a solution for this ? Or should I install flatpak steam on Bazzite ?

Edit : It seems that I'm also not able to add steam libraries from other drives, not working with ntfs partitions and btrfs partitions.

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I just bought a nice OLED monitor and I'm trying to take advantage of it to play my games in HDR. If I run my games in gamescope, then HDR runs fine but my PS4 controller doesn't work. If I play without gamescope, the controller works, but HDR does not.

I've been trying to figure this out for a bit, and some people have been having some luck with the -e flag, which does nothing for me.I've tried Steam Input and overlay in all combinations of enabled and disabled and I've tried in big picture/gamepadui. Either way I have to choose between HDR and the controller. Has anyone gotten this to work?

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I'm Running Linux Mint 21.3 mainly using Lutris and Steam for some native Linux games. It's so annoying, especially when it sometimes disconnects the gamepad. I'm using an Xbox One S controller connected through a USB cable.

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TL:DR; What wireless headset do you recommend (obviously works well with Linux)?

Just finished upgrading my gaming rig and monitor. Got everything up and running (EndeavourOS and the usual gaming things). The last piece to upgrade all my stuff is a new headset. I would like it to be wireless (if possible), works well in Linux (if that’s even a “problem”), lightweight, good quality audio and microphone (lots of Discord talking). I’m simply not up to speed as to “what’s a good gaming headset”. What do you guys have/recommend?

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I've been using Arch on an old laptop for a few years now, but I use Pop on my gaming desktop. I've wanted to switch to Arch for a long while now, but haven't had the motivation (if it ain't broke, and all that). I'm finally ready to do it, but I'm a little concerned about my gaming experience. Are there any gotchas for gaming with an i7 and a 3070 ti that I should be aware of before I make the switch? Is it pretty seamless? Can I still use a freesync monitor with the g-sync compatibility setting? Is it easy to install the Nvidia drivers and well documented on the wiki? I'm open to information about any other sticky scenarios you guys encountered getting Arch set up for use as a daily driver and gaming computer.

Edit: is there any way to backup my internal drive mappings and mounting points, or will I need to set all of that up again?

I've only ever used Gnome for Arch, but one of the things that has me motivated to switch is that KDE 6 supports HDR. Does anyone have experience with it? Is it a pretty slick and simple DE?

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I’m new to this and have been trying to get Fallout NV to run on my Chromebook Plus. I had Fallout 3 running great but at some point I did something so that FO3 fails to launch.

Can I do something like a fresh install? I don’t care about losing data/ games.

Streaming on Linux (pawb.social)
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Can someone help me figure out what it even is I'm trying to do? I'm a tech savvy kinda persons and if someone just gives me the general idea/right keywords to search for I can probably figure the rest out myself, but I'm caught in a real X/Y problem.

JUNK: Arch, KDE (X11), 3080 (proprietary drivers), OBS, Elgato HD60 X, 3440x1440 ultra widescreen

I just want to do some simple streaming to Twitch/Youtube and game recording.

The Elgato obviously doesn't support my ultrawide so my original thought was to leave the UW monitor plugged in with DisplayPort (as it already is) and then plug in the Elgato with HDMI and then switch the monitor input when I'm ready to stream. The UW stretches the 2560x1440 out though, how do I configure the viewport to keep the proper aspect ratio and put black bars on the side? Alternatively, can I configure the UW to 2560x1440 with black bars and simply mirror the display, or will I take a performance hit when streaming like that? And how do I change the xconfig on the fly, is that something I'd want to write a script for?

I inherited the Elgato from a friend who gave up on streaming and while I'm not entirely opposed to spending more money on potentially more appropriate gear ....... I'd really rather not.

Like I said, if someone can just explain to me what I should be doing and give me a swift kick in the ass towards the right direction, I can do the heavy work of putting all the pieces together, I'm not looking for a total solution 😵😵‍💫 Thanks!

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I switched to macOS pretty for all my day-to-day, development and work uses, but still have a Ryzem+RTX (I do use Ray tracing features) desktop that I only ever use for gaming anymore.

I play games from Steam, GoG, Epic, and occasionally Xbox Game Pass.

The big problem here is I’m visually impaired and need a desktop environment that will let me consistently use a lime green mouse cursor and zoom in full screen via keyboard and scroll shortcuts.

At the risk of 1) nobody having actual experience and 2) the current Linux distro/DE ecosystem being hopelessly broken, what should I try?

I also only have some 2 hours a week for videogames. I can’t afford the time to tinker, after the transition and setup period.

I’m perfectly happy with “you’re outta luck, buddy, just suffer through Windows,” but I figure it can’t hurt to ask…

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Motherboard upgrade (lemmy.world)
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Considering upgrading my gaming rig with the following bundle ->


I have a GeForce RTX 3070 which I will keep and I am running Linux Mint 21.2. Any thoughts on compatibility? Any one running one of these ASUS B650-E TUF Gaming motherboards under Linux? Mint?

Edit: Thanks for all the great advice. It seems like I should spend just a few more dollars to get the Gigabyte B650 Gaming X AX v2:


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Nothing too crazy with this release, mostly just importing upstream changes from Valve this time around.

• Persona 4 Golden video fixes have been re-added.
• wine updated to latest bleeding edge
• dxvk updated to latest git
• vkd3d-proton updated to latest git
• upstream proton changes added
• upstream steamclient changes added
• upstream wineopenxr changes added
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Hi y'all, I'm on EndeavourOS, wondering if I can get Steam to start minimized/tray. I know about launch commands, but I don't know where to put them in on Linux. I tried right-clicking the app & going into the Properties, then adding -silent to the Arguments under the Application tab, but that did not do anything.

Help would be appreciated. It is also my first time using Linux.

EDIT: SOLVED by @[email protected] Thanks, everyone, for the help!

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Lina is Live again!! As promised I cought her stream much earlier this time. 🐸
As usual, here's her steam account just in case you'd like to gift to her, as she's currently testing as many games as she can and fixing bugs. Proof From Her Previous Live Stream

As always, you can just ask her to show you it on live.

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crosspostato da: https://sopuli.xyz/post/13368126

I've tried base Wine and Wine-GE under Lutris.

Base Wine has the issue I mentioned in the title, where the game would play no sound apart from the menu music and the in-game commentary (meaning the menu movements don't do any sound, and during a match you don't hear the ball kicks and the referee whistle).

Lutris fully breaks audio with it's default settings. You need to disable fsync and esync to make the audio return (yet, it acts like base wine still)

DXVK has no effect as the game uses DirectX 8, meaning it's running under WineD3D.

A Reddit post mentions extracting the following DLLs from a DirectX8.1 installer and applying a override to use them, but doing so on my end just mutes the game: "dmime.dll dmsynth.dll dmloader.dll dmusic.dll dsound.dll dsdmo.dll"

Using DgVoodoo has no effects on this issue.

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Here's Asahi Lina's Steam account. Lina is currently testing games and fixing bugs, and if you'd like to support her by gifting games, this is her account so you can do so. Proof From Her Previous Live Stream
(also, you can just ask her to show it, shes live now!!) [Steam ended, sorry for posting so late in the stream, she's in Japan, it's hard to catch her streams, I'll try to catch her next stream earlier, make sure you sub and enable the bell 🔔 just in case]

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A moment I've no doubt many Linux fans have been waiting to see. The Linux user share on Steam has smashed through the 2% barrier.

Not actually for the first time though, it did initially rise up above 2% in March 2013, shortly after the original Steam for Linux release when it left Beta. Part of the reason it had higher numbers at the start, was that Valve added a special Tux item into Team Fortress 2 only on Linux but it quickly dropped in the following months.

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There is a community forming right now that aims to write a MOBA from scratch, mostly fueled due to the Vanguard incident on Linux. I am not affiliated with the project, but wanted to raise attention to it (as I am currently on cold League turkey since a month).

The announcement post on rEdDiT: https://old.reddit.com/r/opensourcegames/comments/1cz3212/open_source_league_of_legends_an_attempt/

GitHub: https://github.com/OpenChamp

Discord: https://discord.gg/f6DGjvTWYT

Related Lemmy post: https://lemmy.world/post/16065982

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I've had the game running fine for months, but experience constant crashes if I have foliage and fluid interaction enabled. Has anyone been able to run the game with this on?

Currently on Pop!OS running a 6700XT, and having the issue under both X and Wayland.

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I have a very, very old laptop with me. I don't know the exact specs, but it has a single core celeron processor and 4GB of RAM. It's an old little thing, maybe 15 years old.

I installed Debian on it with LXQT and it was chugging hard. I don't expect it will run modern browsers anyways, so give me your best distros that can run on a potato and have a GUI.

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