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Revelations shows just how many times we repeat history.

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I've seen it. Especially in conservative circles.

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Surefire way to get court marshalled. Maybe he did it to get out.

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I don't think the NASCAR crowd will like that. But if they can do a battery exchange that's quick enough, it's probably doable.

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Cops in America will hate this tech. All of that ticket revenue will go out of the window.

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GM tried and failed.

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I'll go against the grain. Janeway was right. She corrected a horrible accident that killed two people while creating another.

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Doubly amazing due to these crazy heat waves.

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That moped looks in distress.

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Good. So many red states took away heat protections for workers.

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Fascinating. Repubs always point out how Democrats always fighting themselves and claim solidarity but the veil always falls away when they think you're not looking.

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The CCP is growing more paranoid.


Lately I'm seeing this more and more where posts have comments that will refuse to load. It seems like the issue is getting progressively worse. Right now, I'm using the Alexandrite front end but the default has the same issue where comments don't load.

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