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There is rarely a situation where you should allow your employer to match the offer you have in hand.

They had the opportunity to do so and then failed to properly retain you. If they realize how much losing you will cost them in productivity, that's on them, not you.

It's not personal. It's literally business.

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There is a saying in engineering.

Anyone can build a bridge.

It takes an engineer who can build a bridge just strong enough to let cars cross it.

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But they can't just "restore" the property, it was full of mature native trees/plants and for bulldozed.

Oh God.....tree law....I never realized how much I missed this.

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These states:

  • Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Massachusetts
  • New York
  • Washington
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I tried a bunch of questions. It seems okay on giving you instructions on forming a union at Target, Starbucks....but not Amazon.

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Jesus fucking mother of Christ.

Ok, I'm going to skip my indignation.

I'm not an app developer or a wheel chair person. That said, we need some info to help you better.

  • What phone? Android or iOS?
  • link to the app (and a link it's APK or whatever iPhones equivalent to an APK would be)
  • instructions on how you register, e.g. is registration tied to your phone, the wheelchair, or both?

Here is some general hacking advice:

  • check online for your wheelchairs "provider" manual. I "hacked" my CPAP machine a few years back. My doctor forgot to turn on heated tubing and the setting was hidden behind a "provider" menu. Chances are good that there will be a similar manual for your wheelchair.
  • if you haven't already, search for the make and model of your wheelchair and see if there are forums or discussion boards
  • typically, physical access is the best access. Depending on how your phone communicates with the chair, you might able to spy on the signals that it uses. My guess is Bluetooth. It probably is encrypted but medical devices are notoriously easy skimpy on their tech security. Might be worth a try
  • If you have the tools and the knowledge, consider taking apart the wheelchair to access the physical components. Information like the processor, chip set, etc will make it easier to understand how it works. While you might expect custom boards and software, more and more devices are going the Raspberry Pi or Pico route because they are cheaper to manufacturer than to do a whole custom board. If it's a run of the mill consumer board, you have a lot more attack vectors.

Often settings like these are based on PKI(Public Key Infrastructure), meaning that the program on your wheelchair likely knows the public key for the company and will test any input to change the settings will require the private key. Again, generally speaking.

But also generally speaking, medical equipment, especially consumer equipment, has to deal with the lowest common denominator, meaning people who don't have apps, who don't know what a smart phone is, etc. Because of that, my hunch is that the setting is in plain text and you just need to change it.

You also have to remember that the people setting this up are often in doctors offices, which means it must be easy to do because time is of the essence. The doctor would not recommend their product if it takes more than a few minutes to set up.

I'm sorry I can't give you better more specific advice but hopefully you can figure this out.

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Car companies have definitely imagined this. And if they could, they 100% would.

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It looks like !buildapc community isn't super active so I apologize for posting here. Mods, let me know if I should post there instead.

I built my first PC when I was I think 10-11 years old. Built my next PC after that and then sort of moved toward pre-made HP/Dell/etc. My last PC's mobo just gave out and I'm looking to replace the whole thing. I've read over the last few years that prefabs from HP/Dell/etc. have gone to shit and don't really work like they used to. Since I'm looking to expand comfortably, I've been thinking of giving building my own again.

I remember when I was a young lad, that there were two big pain points when putting the rig together: motherboard alignment with the case (I shorted two mobos by having it touch the bare metal of the grounded case; not sure how that happened but it did) and CPU pin alignment so you don't bend any pins when inserting into the socket.

Since it's been several decades since my last build, what are some things I should be aware of? Things I should avoid?

For example, I only recently learned what M.2 SSD are. My desktop has (had) SATA 3.5" drives, only one of which is an SSD.

I'll admit I am a bit overwhelmed by some of my choices. I've spent some time on pcpartpicker and feel very overwhelmed by some of the options. Most of my time is spent in code development (primarily containers and node). I am planning on installing Linux (Ubuntu, most likely) and I am hoping to tinker with some AI models, something I haven't been able to do with my now broken desktop due to it's age. For ML/AI, I know I'll need some sort of GPU, knowing only that NVIDIA cards require closed-source drivers. While I fully support FOSS, I'm not a OSS purist and fully accept that using a closed source drivers for linux may not be avoidable. Happy to take recommendations on GPUs!

Since I also host a myriad of self hosted apps on my desktop, I know I'll need to beef up my RAM (I usually go the max or at least plan for the max).

My main requirements:

  • Intel i7 processor (I've tried i5s and they can't keep up with what I code; I know i9s are the latest hotness but don't think the price is worth it; I've also tried AMD processors before and had terrible luck. I'm willing to try them again but I'd need a GOOD recommendation)
  • At least 3 SATA ports so that I can carry my drives over
  • At least one M.2 port (I cannibalized a laptop I recycled recently and grabbed the 1TB M.2 card)
  • On-board Ethernet/NIC (on-board wifi/bluetooth not required, but won't complain if they have them)
  • Support at least 32 GB of RAM
  • GPU that can support some sort of ML/AI with DisplayPort (preferred)

Nice to haves:

  • MoBo with front USB 3 ports but will accept USB 2 (C vs A doesn't matter)
  • On-board sound (I typically use headphones or bluetooth headset so I don't need anything fancy. I mostly listen to music when I code and occasionally do video calls.)

I threw together this list: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/n6wVRK

It didn't matter to me if it was in stock; just wanted a place to start. Advice is very much appreciated!

EDIT: WOW!! I am shocked and humbled by the great advice I've gotten here. And you've given me a boost in confidence in doing this myself. Thank you all and I'll keep replying as I can.

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Cool with treason committed by Republicans.

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For each CAMEO Video (other than a Business CAMEO Video), you hereby grant to the User and the Recipient a non-exclusive, royalty-free, fully paid, worldwide, sublicensable, and perpetual license to use, reproduce, distribute, and publicly display the CAMEO Video, in each case, solely in accordance with the Site Terms, in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter invented or devised (including social media channels and third-party websites and platforms).

I'm only a humbly country space chicken lawyer but the terms explicitly say that Kimmel can do whatever the fuck he wants with the recording.

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I remember one interview I had with a candidate. It was for a database analyst position that required SQL.

The first round was typically a phone screen where I chat with the candidate, get to know them a bit.

Second round was code review. I asked them to do a SQL query that did x.

The queries were simple. The goal was to get the candidate to walk through the query.

I had one candid that, over screen share, wrote the query flawlessly. Then I asked them to explain what it was doing. The candidate froze.

I can get understand getting nervous so I moved onto an insert statement. I had them write one and then do another without using certain terms (often leading to a sub query).

Again, flawless. I asked what situations would you use one over the other.

Again, they froze. I started to get suspicious that they were cheating and had them, instead of typing the answer, say the answer. When they couldn't, I knew enough that it wasn't going to work.

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These people are going to go home and be proud of how they defended the border and tell everyone about it.

"Immigrants stopped coming because we were there! See?! It works!"

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"Not like that! I want all of the privilege but none of the responsibility. Why are you being so unreasonable?!"

  • Republicans
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Hello fellow self-hosters! I am looking for an app/tool/macro/etc that can screen-scrape or API ping various merchants to track prices on specific products. Think camelcamelcamel but for any merchant. I have to believe such a tool exists and I'm not the first person to think of it.

In an ideal world, I'd like it to be able to dump the data into a spreadsheet so that I can track/graph it. But that's not a requirement.

Does such a tool exist?


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IKEA Family is a membership program, like grocery store memberships. The only real feature of the program was their 5% discount. But now, they are getting rid of it to focus on "New Lower Price offers". I'm not holding my breath that their prices are going to come down anytime soon.

IKEA Family is worthless now. They do offer "select delivery options" with no explanation on what this means.


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