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I have Foxit installed and can usually use that, but am forced to have Adobe Reader installed for other reasons.

Adobe Reader will now never be updated on my machine. It's a small price to pay. And Foxit is great for most pdf tasks.

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Yeah, this is just the opening salvo; the actual hearing is on Monday. But NY state law on both the payment of judgements and what constitutes an actual surety is clear, and Letitia James is just quietly locking every door around this fool with it, whether he knows it or not.

As the representative of the winning party in the original lawsuit, Letitia James already has the right to decline any surety under NY state law. But this filing and others before it demonstrate that she's going out of her way to create an actual legal basis for the repeated rejection of this non-existent surety, just to ensure Trump's play is ultimately unwinnable.

He's already just another defendant who can't pay and Ms. James is not fooled. She's keeping her eye on the real ball legally and not getting distracted by his never-ending shouts of "Squirrel!"

The actual hearing is on Monday. Should be interesting.

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There was a point not so long ago where Adobe Collaboration Sync got so bad on my Windows 10 box it wouldn't let me close any pdfs that were open. "File in use" error, even if all Adobe programs were closed except for that pdf. I'd have to go into Task Manager and manually kill it. Between that and Adobe Updater I couldn't get rid of it by any known means, and it was choking the shit out of my machine.

I'm transitioning to Linux but not there yet, still need the Windows box for now, so I had to do something. But I'm old school, so it was a DOS batch file to the rescue. I call it "kiladobe.bat":

taskkill /f /im armsvc.exe       
del "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Adobe\ARM\1.0\armsvc.exe"      
taskkill /f /im AdobeCollabSync.exe     
del "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat DC\Acrobat\AdobeCollabSync.exe"      

It's now a scheduled task in taskschd.msc. I put kiladobe.bat in the main Adobe program folder (heh) and run that task as administrator at startup and every four hours or so, give or take an hour.

No more problems.

Now, all that remains is that every so often I see the command window flash up for a split second because this batch file is killing Adobe shit, and it just makes me smile. (I could probably make it stop flashing up the CLI, but I genuinely enjoy the reminder of how I'm fucking Adobe's virus-like install and lock endeavors up the ass.)

EDITED TO ADD a simple "@echo off" by itself as the first line would probably turn off any appearance of the CLI, if anyone wants to use this text for their own batch file. If that didn't work I'd probably throw a space and a ">nul" at the end of each line to grab the output and throw it into neverneverland.

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Yeah. Other have posted the links as well, but if you search on the title text you quickly come across this guy's substack and the actual manifesto.

The sad thing is that he seems to have started off as a fairly legit investigative researcher, or was trying to become one, but fell off the rails somewhere along the line.

I had to stop reading the manifesto when he alleged that covid was created by the government, but when he starts off with "an apocalyptic fascist world coup" is in the making, I'm not entirely certain he's wrong: even the most broken of clocks is right twice a day. Whether by design or by accident, we are on the brink of WWIII and total environmental collapse. For him to assert a conspiracy is not nearly as crazy as many will want to insist in days to come, not least because both fascism and apocalypse are nearer now than they have ever been in our lifetimes. What's so crazy about believing that some sociopaths in power looked at that and thought, hmm, we can make some coin here, and then did so?

I'm just sorry he had enough faith in humanity left to think that his self-immolation would change a goddamn thing, or even make anyone question the road we are collectively headed down. And I mean that. To write as he did and act as he did, his world was full of suffering -- and if he lives, it will be 100 times worse, and still not have accomplished what he would have wanted, or even come close. His life was, in itself, worth far more than the fiery altar he threw it upon today.

EDITED for spellin

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And David Cameron is back from the politically dead as foreign secretary.

Note that I am not equating him with the list of bald-ass liars you just named; his is a different crime. It was Cameron's fucking arrogance that got the UK into Brexit to begin with.

No list of Brexit facilitators is complete without his name at the top, IMO. Whatever Johnson, Gove, Hunt and the rest did with it, Cameron gave them the platform with that referendum.

Cameron meant for it to be meaningless -- "non-binding" -- an easy way to grandstand and show the backbenchers who was still boss. The Leavers just said, "Hold my beer." And here we are.

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Thank you for taking the time to write this and link your sources, much appreciated. Excellent comment.

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Your guess is as good as mine. Closest I've been able to come is sonorism, and a similarity to composers like György Ligeti, but this work was entirely vocal: no instruments, no band, not even SATB, just people making strange mouth noises, lol.

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Forty-plus years ago, when I was in high school, the teacher doing chorus was crazy. Mostly for things not involving music, but there was this one time he pulled out new sheet music, told us we were going to learn it for some recital, and it was pictures of someone's impressions of sound waves; literally, line drawings of what someone's idea of that sound would be.

Not actual sine waves, artistic impressions of . . . something. Like, ten pages of little illustrations like nested circles or interlocking triangles that we were supposed to look at, understand by sight, and then reproduce vocally.

He then played a recording of this . . . work, and that left us all even more horrified than we were by the sheet music. I would not care to hear it again. An orchestra tuning would have had more structure and melody; this was like someone playing a busted theramin.

He tried and tried to get everyone excited and onboard with it, and honestly, we just didn't get it. Mercifully, he gave up after a few days.

I actually saw a reference to it several years later, back in the 90s, so it wasn't just something he pulled out of his ass (did I mention he was crazy?) but I couldn't tell you the name of it, or what it was supposed to be; a musicologist could. It was like vocal exercises without any reference to musical notation.

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Didn't he call Biden a "demented tyrant" recently? I don't have the link handy, but reading that my first thought was NOT that Biden was a deranged tyrant, lol.

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Maybe the building WAS meant to be a plum blossom. Maybe the architects are all dudes who never saw a feminine product in their life or had to do the emergency pad run for a woman they love.

But whoever designed these roof vents knew EXACTLY what they were doing.

There is NO plum blossom anywhere in nature that has that specific squared geometric pattern, or anything like it.

But there are quite a number of sanitary pads that do.

Maybe the roof was designed by the same person who did that memorable cover art for The Little Mermaid DVD back in the day, lol.

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This means his staff won't be able to whisk him out of the public gaze as soon as he starts displaying instances of clear cognitive decline, especially sundowning if the trial days run long.

Add to that the obvious problem of continence and the need to be able to change those products as needed.

This is a lot worse for Trump than missing a kid's graduation. Speaking of cognitive decline, it was strange Trump spoke of himself in the third person there:

“I was looking forward to that graduation, with his mother and father there, and it looks like the judge does not allow me to escape this scam,” he said.

The kid looks exactly like Donald did back in the 60s; I don't think there's any doubt at all as to Barron's parentage.

But we can all look forward to more verbal slips like this, especially if he starts decompensating again as rapidly as he seemed to toward the end of the E. Jean Carroll trial.

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To all who are offended by this new addition to the world of jerky offerings:

If you are repulsed by the packaging: Needless waste, totally agree, I'm right there with you.

If you are repulsed by the contents: More for me.

submitted 1 week ago by [email protected] to c/[email protected]

Suggesting that Americans inject disinfectants into their veins. Declaring that people believe he’s been treated worse than Abraham Lincoln. Claiming wind turbines are killing whales. Saying environmental regulations are forcing people to flush their toilets “10 times, 15 times as opposed to once.” Over the course of Donald Trump’s 77 years on earth, he’s had a lot of uniquely bizarre comments come out of his mouth. That streak continued over the weekend, as he reportedly suggested to a group of billionaires that Joe Biden had literally shit on a piece of White House furniture.

Archive link to above Vanity Fair article

From the original NY Times article quoted by Vanity Fair:

Mr. Trump blamed his successor, Mr. Biden, for the influx of migrants and mocked him and aides for what Mr. Trump said were bad decisions made around the Resolute Desk, which has been used by two dozen presidents.

“The Resolute Desk is beautiful,” Mr. Trump said. “Ronald Reagan used it, others used it.”

He then denigrated Mr. Biden, sounding disgusted, according to the attendee: “And he’s using it. I might not use it the next time. It’s been soiled. And I mean that literally, which is sad.”

The attendee who witnessed the moment said that dinner guests laughed and that Mr. Trump’s remark was interpreted as the former president saying that Mr. Biden had defecated on the desk.

Archive link

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It’s extremely difficult to square this ruling with the text of Section 3 [of the Fourteenth Amendment]. The language is clearly mandatory. The first words are “No person shall be” a member of Congress or a state or federal officer if that person has engaged in insurrection or rebellion or provided aid or comfort to the enemies of the Constitution. The Section then says, “But Congress may by a vote of two-thirds of each house, remove such disability.”

In other words, the Constitution imposes the disability, and only a supermajority of Congress can remove it. But under the Supreme Court’s reasoning, the meaning is inverted: The Constitution merely allows Congress to impose the disability, and if Congress chooses not to enact legislation enforcing the section, then the disability does not exist. The Supreme Court has effectively replaced a very high bar for allowing insurrectionists into federal office — a supermajority vote by Congress — with the lowest bar imaginable: congressional inaction.

This is a fairly easy read for the legal layperson, and the best general overview I've seen yet that sets forth the various legal and constitutional factors involved in today's decision, including the concurring dissent by Justices Kagan, Sotomayor, and Jackson.

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