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Still, there should be Braille for the text too.

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There's also no way for someone who needs Braille to actually DO the "puzzle". The other words don't have Braille, the map appears to be flat. Terrible design.

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Her arms are actually bunched up in front of her so she can hold a little Xbox controller

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Are you measuring your waist or your hips? Counterintuitively the waist measurement is not where your trousers actually sit.

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It's a bit more like a well known poisoner leaving their poisons at home in order to carry out a high profile political assassination where they might swiftly be considered a suspect.

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Idk about latest. I deleted my FB account a while ago, but every time I see anything from there it's bizarre AI generated crap.

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Don't forget about the soldiers with huge boots over their prosthetic legs. It's their birthday, all 10,000 of them. So sad. Did you see the young man who made an impressive sculpture of a dog? Or how about the other 7 million of them? Dog sculpting is really taking off I hear.

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My old kindle was a nightmare for this reason. Plus the socket got funky with age on top of that, and eventually there was really like 1 special cable that would work and it always seemed to end up hidden under 50000 things.

Still, that does speak to the battery life of the kindle.

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Is this a Smiths song?

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All the advice I read suggested that if you hold your arm out in front of you while seated in your usual desk position, your fingertips should touch the centre of the monitor.

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The two options are pretty much "on molly" and "the month after molly" so yeah, you're not wrong

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It's doing exactly enough - the egg isn't rolling away, from the pigeon's perspective... Job done. Why judge a pigeon's nest by the standards of a sparrow?

Personally I think it's pretty smart to not do more than is necessary.

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Tricky to explain exactly. Sometimes the comment button goes straight to adding a new comment rather than the post's comments. To reach the comments I have to press it again. But because it's not consistent sometimes I have to press it several times to reach the actual comments.

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