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I dunno, there are actually quite a few sensible and practical ideas in this thread, your thread, btw. Your post has elicited a good discussion, why throw shade on the people earnestly participating? If you actually want a contested convention, this thread is nothing compared to some of the wild shit that would go down in that scenario.

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Ideally, yeah, but think about the logistics of pulling something like that off. And would it be a full primary redo? Like fresh ballots sent out to all dems? Or do you mean a mini primary just with the existing delegates? Because we already voted in the Democratic primary election…

I’m just really trying to be pragmatic about this, I can’t imagine a scenario where we pull this off and come out stronger. I would love to be wrong.

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Ugh. I agree that Kamala sucks, but I think it’d be a mistake to try to go with anyone else at this point. She has a pulse, a functional brain, lots of political experience, a long life ahead of her, and yeah, she’s made some terrible decisions and gaffs in her career, just like Joe Biden.

I don’t like that she was a cop, but Joe Biden chaired the Senate Judiciary committee for like 100 years, and got us Clarence Thomas, so…nobody has the moral high ground here.

We just need to win, and frankly I think if we try to go with someone new and untested, we’ll lose. We’ve been in a “lesser of two evils” situation for some time now.

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That’s a good point, I hadn’t thought about it as a strategic attack on the small people, you’re onto something. It’s frankly absurd that this is what we’ve come to.

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I had no idea about this, and I’ve been here for just over a year. Also, keep in mind which community this is.

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Yeah I’ve been dealing with this issue since I came over from the other place last year. It’s incredibly annoying, and a number of times has made me rage-delete comments I’m trying to post. It happens to me every day, but I can usually find a server that works for a while by randomly switching a few times.

I use ProtonVPN.

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I mean sure, it’s cute. And the video is worthy of like, a small smirk, but is this really what the Lincoln Project is up to these days? Seems like they could be using their money and influence more responsibly. It’s probably more valuable to at least try to change some peoples’ minds. I don’t see how spending money producing a sketch that wouldn’t even make it on SNL is worthwhile.

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Well if he doesn’t, Cory Booker, the other senator from New Jersey, has already said he’d lead the expulsion effort.

Because that’s how someone who actually believes in the rule of law would behave.

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Fuck. This is worse than I thought. I also really don’t like that I’d never heard of it, so thank you.

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He might be my worst nightmare: an intelligent, opportunistic, disingenuous, duplicitous, hateful, proudly misogynistic, election-denying, authoritarian-curious chaos agent, wrapped in a young relatively attractive white man’s body. He will do a far better job than Trump ever could at making their sick regressive and paternalistic fantasies come true for all of us.

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It’s absolutely real, which is kinda the point of the post. My uni had a whole lot of these books for tons of different subjects. The ones I walked around the most were history-focused, with huge maps and elaborate details. I say walked around, because it felt like you were in a small forest since the books are the size of little trees. Maybe that’s why most of the were at the end of sections or in the back corners of the stacks, because they’re so hilariously unwieldy compared to modern books.

Without more research I can only speculate as to why they were made so large, but I’d bet many of them were written prior to the widespread adoption of the printing press, and before paper sizes were standard. And if a book is only going to be used by a few select people, and always in the same building, there’s not much utility in making it portable.

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My uni had a shelf of old tomes like this at the far end of every section. I’d bet a lot of libraries in Europe still have a good number of these. They’re especially silly because it can be hard to gauge the scale and see that they’re so huge until you approach the shelf. Took me by surprise every time I walked by.

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