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Flames were seen coming out the back of a Boeing 737 that departed from Queenstown on Monday evening, before landing safely in Invercargill.

Virgin Australia flight VA148 departed Queenstown Airport at 5.59pm, bound for Melbourne with 67 passengers and six crew on board, before turning around and heading south.

"It experienced an issue just after take-off and has been diverted to Invercargill Airport," Queenstown Airport said in a statement earlier.

The plane - a 737-800 registered VH-YIV - landed safely in Invercargill shortly before 7pm.

The airline later said it was a "possible bird strike on take-off".

"The aircraft has been met by emergency services at Invercargill Airport," Virgin Australia chief operations officer Stuart Aggs said. "The safety of our guests and crew is our highest priority."

The airline later on Monday night said it was not aware of any injuries.

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birds need to get back to work