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I completely support you all. I find working with AI in ChatGPT has been fun overall, personally. But, I also see what MS is doing right now arguing that they need to take screen-grabs at some interval to make this all work, I think this is BS. I see how OpenAI has been doing to moderate the content AI uses to train, it has a dark side. AI and Privacy are not mutually exclusive. AI invading your privacy is a conscious choice by big tech and it is shameful, but this does not mean that AI can't also be helpful. I like this guide, because it helps mitigate that agenda.

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It is for me (android, iceraven browser) and I don't get any text after the heading.

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Is it like this for everyone or just me?

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I'm using Vivaldi (Android), and it looks like I'm not getting the mobile site, but the desktop one. I can access all the content, but the pictures are way too big, and the white cloud in the background makes it impossible to read the text over it because it is white too. If I set Vivaldi to "desktop site" mode, I get the same thing, only without the text word-wrapped. I just want to know if this is malicious or just incompetent.

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Yeah, but reader-mode in FF for Android helps.

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All hail Reader Mode! ๐Ÿ™Œ

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Hmm, I've only seen it on desktop, guess the mobile view is messed up. :(

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