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Man Biden is really trying to lose the upcoming election isn't he. A year ago I would not have predicted that he would fuck up such an easy reelection this badly, but here we are. Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory I guess.

Apparently Biden has always been this shitty when it comes to Palestine. Some things children just never grow out of it seems.

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Millions of children never grew old because of Kissingers little psychopathic padawans in Washington for decades now. Those children don’t care about this one losing or winning his little beauty contest.

And millions of children will die in the future no matter whose dick is being sucked in the Oval Office. There are more omnipotent deciders who decide who lives and who dies.

This greedy, bloodthirsty, manipulative, sociopathic voting won’t change anything no matter who wins.

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Let's Brandon!

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Nah this gaslighting is just a weekly occurrence at this point. Biden pretends to wag his finger against israel when they commit war crimes and walks it back a week later. Genocide Joe is fully on board.

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Being fed up with constant bullshit and not giving known actors any more benefit of the doubt on their every single upcoming potential bullshit activity is a scary thing to possess when speaking in public spaces.

Just because a clock has sentimental value, looks cool or has some other appeal, many people would be willing to criticize you for calling out that it doesn't work. They'll take any opportunity on your claim to make you look wrong, even if the broken clock shows the right time by mistake once in every 12 hours, rest of which you correctly keep calling out.

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USA: "It's good business"

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