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When reading about the shortage, they always write about Europe or America. This got me wondering, is there an issue in Asia? if not could we order from there?

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I live in Asia, specifically Pakistan, and ADHD meds are not easy to come by here. I live in the biggest city and only know two stores which sell locally manufactured methylphenidate (aka Ritalin).

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I am sorry for your trouble. I am wondering if it's as regulated as here?

For example, here in Greece the government health organisation controls the stock of ADHD meds (Concerta, Ritalin and Strattera only) and decides which pharmacies receive deliveries and when.

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I think in France they must have 2 months of production in advance. I read that somewhere.

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Yep it's more or less the same situation.

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ADHD diagnosis isn't as prevalent in Asia and it's highly regulated from what I know so I doubt there's stock just sitting there to be taken. In my city, I knew only two stores which had it and I had to travel over an hour one side to get it.

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The last year I noticed a lot of frontier research was being done by Chinese teams, so I assumed the opposite. Thanks for educating me.

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