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POSTING this info on lemmy to port my own post from reddit, since im trying to slowly abandon it and want to migrate here while the user base grows

Hey!!! With the amazing help of different people from the Gamecube and Wii modscene I performed my first picoboot installation and now I was customizing my Boot Animation with CUBEBOOT and my Swiss backgrounds.

Cubeboot lets you power on your Gamecube through the boot animation and even customize the text and color of it. Just follow their github tutorial

So, because i cannot give back to the community in a better way, I dedicated a few hours today to create some readily available backgrounds to use with Swiss.

You can see the backgrounds available here (theres more inside, most are pink cause i painted my gamecube pink and silver):

Special thanks to Colrust (reddit username) for sending me his files and helping me personally. Greatly appreciated, I shared your files in this pack too, i hope you dont mind, if you do i will take them down of course.

In spanish:

Hey!! Si estas buscando un tutorial sencillo de como cambiar el fondo de pantalla de tu menu de Swiss para la gamecube puedes acceder a estos archivos y usarlos segun las instrucciones, al descargarlo podras acceder a la informacion en español tambien. Es muy sencillo. Un saludo!!


(it is a mediafire link)

I did not ink my original reddit post on here, but did link this one on reddit, as to aid migration to lemmy an other foss options

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Hey! No with GC Loader i dont know if they will make it work :( Either way you can activate boot through ipl on Swiss settings to at least enjoy the boot animation when opening a game! You have to name whichever wallpaper you want to use to just "backdrop.tpl" and put it in the Swiss folder on your SD card! You have the full tutorial to make your own backdrops inside the Download file, theres a text in english and another one in spanish there. Its pretty easy but requires using the terminal/console.

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Hey, a bit late to the party here but can't get the wallpaper to work. I have a GC-Loader and a SP2SD for the swiss-settings. Tried putting the tpl-file in the root of the SD on my GC-Loader (together with the swiss boot.iso) but no luck. Also tried on my SP2SD (swiss/settings) but didn't work either. Could you be a bit more specific exactly where the "backdrop.tpl" should be placed, please? Any settings that need to be enabled in swiss? I'm on the latest R1622 release.

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