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The story of Nokia the company is long and meandering. Its roots go back to late 1860’s in the town of Nokia in Southern Finland, near the city of Tampere, from where they’ve gone through all sorts of businesses, including rubber boots and industrial capacitors to name just two. You might even find an old Nokia TV knocking about. The mobile handsets phase was in some sense but a blip in the story, although a spectacular one. I’m sure they’ll keep going in one way or another for a fair while still.

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And they also made personal computers back in the 1980s.

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I knew they made other consumer electronics but I had no idea about the boots. That’s a delightfully wholesome origin story :-)

Are they really struggling? I’m sure the margins are much better on carrier grade telecom equipment. I don’t think Huawei is going to mourn the loss, but this is probably a huge deal for Nokia.

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Somewhat amusingly, they still make boots.

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Chainsaw resistant boots! The zombie apocalypse accessory I did not know I needed until just now. Thank you friend :-) 

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It does read a bit like something that should be on a bronze plaque somewhere.

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