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I'm growing more and more impressed with its capabilities the more I use it! Wrapping my head around its approach to masking, and its "scene referred pipeline" took some time, but now that I'm getting the hang of it, I think I can say I genuinely prefer it to Lightroom.

Combined with digiKam, which is excellent for photo collection management, I'm a very happy photographer :)

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We rsync the jpgs (not the RAW files) to our self hosted photoprism instance. Not for the same reason you do, but it could easily be used the way you describe it!

Alternatively, if you don't shoot in jpeg+raw, or if you want to reduce the size of the jpegs before you sync them, digiKam has a batching tool that would let you automate exporting smaller versions of all of your files as part of the import process.

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Ideally I would love to have the votes synced back to digiKam, especially if it's about sorting out hundreds of photos. But that sounds like a workable solution until I found or developed a plugin, that can do this. Thank you!

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We don't sync back so I haven't tested it, but as long as you have a gallery that writes back to a sidecar file, digikam can work with it.

Digikam has direct integration with Exiftool as well as batching, so anything you can get in to a sidecar file, you can get out with Digikam, and then stick in custom albums/categories etc.

Some quick searching turns up a tool called Piwigo (which I haven't tried) that has the ability to run contest modes via plugins. Assuming it can write the votes/results back to the sidecar file in some manner, you should be able to get to it in Digikam

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Thank you that is really helpful! I'll look into it! It's probably a bit of work until it is a smooth workflow but I'm willing to try it. Maybe then I can finally ditch Lightroom :)

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