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The spreadsheet used terms such as "wifeys" and "cuties" to describe female students and also used the term "unrapeable".


Body camera shows as deputies were attempting to escort 82-year-old Anthony Goulding’s wife out of the home, Goulding began pouring gasoline on the carpet outside of a back bedroom.

Goulding’s right arm catches fire and then he throws a gas canister at the deputy. The flames grow larger.

Goulding passed away in the house fire, along with a dog.


We need to wrap this plastic bottle in a plastic bag !


Kids making kiddy porn using AI

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The comments legit made me laugh out loud. I can't tell if those people were serious but if they were, hoo lawd I'm afraid for it country if they vote in elections or have children.


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So the neighbouring villages head family's 11 yo son, lets call him, fanta, was an entitled ass. A cousin of mine who ran a small shop was a petty idiot, lets call him, coco. These two personalaties tend to collide. Now these are both families with a lot of pride and a long history of violence, especially against each other over long disputes.

This is a story from 2015 and there had been no violence since the death of an uncle of mine in 2009 who was essentially the hot head who'd pick fights. This man was arrested by his own brother (another uncle obviously) like thrice and eventually died in the most stupid shootout too.

Now for the story, Fanta went to Coco's shop to buy a soft drink. Now here you pay a different price if youre keeping the glass bottle vs if you return it. Fanta paid the price for returning the bottle and said he'd give it back on his way back from school. On his way back Coco demanded the bottle back, Fanta claimed he paid full price. There was an argument and coco beat 11 yo fanta up.

Fanta ran home and told his family all about this. Now while the uncle was alive noone would fuck around with our family in this kind of situation but now the then teens were growing up and getting ballsy. So the next night Coco returns home beaten up and bleeding and says he was jumped by that families boys. His father calls up some of the guys and tells em we need to assert dominance tomorrrow. The same night theres firing heard outside the house.

This is beyond crossing the line. They entered our village and people heard this, this was the most serious thing to happen in my memory. Next day theres a brawl amongst the younger men as expected and theres MANY serious injuries including 2 stabs, stabbers were on our side.

So the older men meet now bc the women of the family arranged a meeting at the mosque. This probably saved a LOT of violence and potentially deaths. Here it was agreed that the apparantely rogue guy who was responsible for the aerial shooting outside the house would be publically punished and that all beef will then be even as long as we took some afghan refugees into our side of town.

This was quickly thrown together and i'll explain further in the comments.


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My grandmother's sister went into the wheat drying room after hearing noises, assuming one of the kids had gotten in. Once inside, she heard a noise coming from a closet. Upon opening it, she discovered a man pointing a gun at her. The man panicked and shot at her head. He then grabbed her phone and started running out. Just then, everyone came out of their rooms, causing a lot of panic. As he ran towards the door within the chaos, my uncle and I grabbed our guns to chase him. He noticed this and yanked my 7-year-old cousin by the wrist, then jumped over the wall with the kid and escaped into the fields. We couldn't find him.

A few hours later, a ransom call demanded 10 million and insisted not to involve the cops. The father of the kid told him it was impossible to gather 10 million in a hurry. Later, he called the cops. The next morning, the guy called again, agreeing to 4 million and arranging a spot for the exchange. He told the father to come alone.

The next night, they managed to gather around 500,000 and went to the spot, the father and uncle, with the cops following and cutting off access to areas. There, the guy took the money and pointed to a figure in the dark, claiming that was the child, and then rode off.

Luckily, it was indeed the kid. Three hours later, we received a call from the cops that they had caught the guy. I forgot to mention that the cops were this efficient because the family knew all the political leaders of the area and had some ministers in their pockets.

We went to the station to check on the situation, and they had beaten the guy up pretty badly. It turns out we knew the guy; he happened to be the son of the land caretaker and had been the family's driver for a few years. His original intention was to steal some stuff from the house, but once he got caught, he improvised. His motivation was the fact that the family of the woman he wanted to marry asked for a 400,000 dowry, and he couldn't afford that.


Henderson police arrested Nikoubin, a Texas-area university student who immigrated to the U.S. from Iran when she was 12, shortly after the stabbing on March 5, 2022, at Sunset Station. Nikoubin and the victim met online on the dating website Plenty of Fish, Henderson police wrote in an arrest report. The duo then agreed to meet at the hotel, booking a room together, police said.

While in the room, the pair began engaging in sexual activity, when Nikoubin put a blindfold on the man police said. Nikoubin then turned off the lights, and several seconds later, cut the man’s neck, documents said.

“While checking in at the hotel lobby, I saw a woman and heard her say, ‘I bet she is gonna slit his throat during sex,’” Nikoubin writes in the book. “I’m sure this didn’t actually happen, but it’s what I was seeing and hearing at the time. Looking back now, I know I was hallucinating.”

Photos shown to a grand jury showed two puncture wounds to the young man’s neck. Nikoubin writes she felt like actress Salma Hayek in the 1996 movie “Dusk Till Dawn.”

“I started to dance like Selma [sic] Hayek from Dusk Till Dawn,” the book said. “I felt powerful. She was so pretty. I felt as though that’s who I was watching. I was transforming into Selma [sic] with the Gravedigger song playing on repeat in my head.”

While speaking to officers at the hotel, Nikoubin said she wanted to get revenge for a drone strike, which killed Iranian military leader Qasem Soleimani in 2020. Soleimani was a popular Iranian military officer and right-hand man to the country’s supreme leader. Former President Donald Trump called for Soleimani’s assassination to kill “the number-one terrorist anywhere in the world” to protect “American diplomats and military personnel” worldwide.

“I was a character in the TV show ‘Homeland’ now,” Nikoubin writes. “I wasn’t in my mind. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t think anything was real. It was all a movie. I was Carrie from ‘Homeland.’”


Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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