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Lucky is accurate. I'm very jealous. I had a similar experience for a newer show but no moments of that wall being up. Always seeing the workings behind the scenes so you couldn't really sink into it

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Sorry, I was unclear there. I had my wording all fucked up.

There are two parts to the 'nobody' thing. The first is the word nobody and then the second is the silence after it. It's to denote that no one anywhere had ever thought or heard a particular thing. Then another group comes in as part of the meme and asks that particular question. To turn the meme into a sentence it would be:

"Not a single living soul in creation had ever expressed this idea but suddenly, one day, a group of Star Trek fans asked something fucked up for the very first time."

Whether it's fucked up or interesting or whatever is denoted by the general context or feeling that the question/idea gives. In this case it would be fucked up.

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I'm in my early 30s. Yeah it's not great. My fault for not lifting with my knees. Human body was designed by a commission. This thing sucks. Any back problem immediately throws a wrench into the gears of everything else

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The nobody stands for never thinking nor asking the particular thing that follows

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I was watching some Critical Role recaps and was in the middle of a deeply intense emotional moment. I had to turn away because I was welling up a bit and looked to the second monitor. A single lemmy message. I refresh. It's this.

I cannot stop laughing at both the absurdity of the moment and the intense hilarity of that comment.

Bravo. Bra-fucking-vo.

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I did! I fucked up my back in the move but things went well. Una, my cat, did fairly well too. She was vocal a lot of the time and meowing sadly in her carrier although the most when we were moving around. She had to be taken out at one point for them to scan the carrier and she just wanted to explore. Had her on a lil leash and she was looking around a ton. The take off and landing she was meowing a lot but in the air she didn't make a sound. I, on the other hand, was pacing the plane trying not to throw up from back pain.

Got in the cab immediately after landing and went off to my new place. Got the keys from the hiding spot and let her out. Set up the litter box and food that I ordered and got my sister to drop off the night before. I spent the night curled up around the toilet because it was the most comfortable place and position. Next few weeks were a bit rough on the back and trying to figure out things in the new place but otherwise went well. Got a job (Which is why I've not been posting as much) and had my best friend move in. Things are going well. Back is still fucked and the bed I have is way too firm for me so it's making it worse. That's the biggest complaint right now. Everything otherwise is actually good which is a first for me.

Thank you for asking <3

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He straight up fucked Tasha Yar. But Brent didn't lol

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How am I not surprised?

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It goes one way or the other for me but nothing in between. Either it's better than the others or absolute garbage that falls apart almost immediately. It's a bit of a mindfuck

Prick (
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Okay. That's fucking hysterical

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