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Raw vegetables here and there

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by the same token, everything here isn't degenerate midwestern or Alabama bullshit.

Anyway, how about raw vegetables? This photo is just missing something like a salad, coleslaw, a few radishes, and some sort of sauce for the potatoes (easy cheese obviously).

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I thought that would be considered a compliment in MAGA circles.

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Yeah, that makes sense. I've had some runs like that on games that were great but just aren't ever coming back, like PSO and even Half-Life DM or Quake. I agree the monetization is extreme.

I was trying to play with my friend from elementary school, who I had reconnected with after several years. Him, plus a couple of his friends who i sort of know from years ago too. Destiny is his favorite game and he's been at it for 12 years straight, which is cool, because he knows everything and I could learn from him, but the other two were fairly new, and I was brand new, which unfortunately falls into his tendency to want to be the cool guy who knows everything and tells everyone what to do. Also, we couldn't play ANY other game, just Destiny 2 for 4 hours a night. Also, I have a bad habit of getting overly drunk around that time. So, it didn't quite work out. Might still talk to him in the future and might still play Destiny 2 sometime (sorry if that was overly personal ha).

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seriously, I tried playing with my friends for like 2-3 months and had to spend at least $100 just to get the DLCs to play with them. Great investment at this point...

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Some friends tried to get me into Destiny 2. It seems really pointless. I recognize the mechanics and aspects common to other games but somehow it just never clicked with me.

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There's this important guideline said to have been handed down from a supernatural entity , "Thou shalt not kill". Of course, that's not followed in the Bible either.

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And this guy is a pastor. Not sure if he's read the bible?

"Or those boys in blue and have them go handle it."

So... in his view, one of the jobs of police is to go kill people who are 'wicked'. Great. Sure would be nice if the GOP wasn't completely fucking insane these days.

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For the maximum, freeze it. As far as countertop vs. fridge, of course fridge will keep it fresh longer, but whether that works for you depends on your texture preferences and the type of bread.

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Why are you taking the time to tell us about this? You should be off playing with your dog or whatever.

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It’s not about “someone I don’t like”, it’s that this guys opinions are pretty much always beyond total shit.

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Pretty sure I was able to rearrange icons on my IPod Touch 4 in 2010.

Cracker - Low (www.youtube.com)

About 50% of the time, if I choose sleep, it turns back on as soon as it shuts down. This can happen a couple times in a row. Other times, it sleeps normally and only comes back on with keyboard input. I’ve looked at running processes and there doesn’t seem to be anything I dual happening at the times it starts back up. Any ideas?

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