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I think that's the one I was thinking about. It was a while ago.

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Just this once I kind of wish a politican would tell him you eat shit. It won't happen, and it really shouldn't happen lest we be like the people we hate, but man, at least some GOP would have said it. It feels unfair they're allowed to express their sheer anger when we have to tippy toe around it.

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I mean, it would make a pretty badass album cover. Their facial expressions are serious.

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Hmmm... Y'all remember when there was a mass shooting at an RNC softball game? Iirc nothing came of it but I certainly feel like these gatherings are kind of... prime targets, no?

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Not sure if it's mentioned yet but the "secret ending" of Metroid was that she takes off her helmet and reveals herself to be a woman in the end. It was actually written to be a surprise for people who beat the game very fast, which makes this a really weird example.

And honestly, I think that's them being accidently progressive for shock value, since subsequent secret speed run endings in later games had her in a bikini...

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I hate misinformation as much as the next guy but I kind of want to send around an altered version with everyone smiling, including Trump. It'd look like they were horsing around.

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Plenty of people are a net negative on the world, so yeah, your threshold may vary. Someone who earns money at the cost of another's livelihood? Guy who drives recklessly and might kill someone? Someone who makes a point to not tip just to ruin a person's day?

Granted respect isn't a great word for it, I say fuck all three but wouldn't go so far as to say assassinate em. But Trump? Yeah that's a bit past that threshold.

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I like that people are all "we should respect human life no matter who it is" and then there's this. And don't get me wrong, this is a masterpiece; fuck that guy.

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This was my mostly comical thought. You know how people always say they'd go back and off Hitler? But somehow it never happened so either time travel doesn't exist, or they just always fail. We're just getting to see that in real time.

(That said, this fucker definitely changed the future so it's probably not that.)

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I'm not sure why, but playing Final Fantasy XIV worked better in Linux using Wine than it did on Windows. There's a joke about net code in the game such that all effects take a half second or so to register, so there's always a little lag for better or worse.

On Linux, somehow things just registered when they happened on screen. Took getting used to!

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This comic is based on a true story. I'm certain, as father of a two year old.

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My 2 year old begs to differ!

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