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For one thing, more FOSS focused. It's lighter/faster for me than a self hosted gitlab, there is nothing hidden behind a paywall, they are working on some nice activitypub integration, actions are really handy (yes it's a bit of yaml soup), codeberg is using and supporting it, a better focus on security and stability than gitea (where it forked from), the ux is clean, and that's about what I can think of off the top of my head.

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I think you a whole word there.

Though I think you can have romance at the start and friendship together personally.

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Forgejo is my rec.

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What you can do - vote in the primaries, participate and support the socialist you supported (or similar folks) in new elections, etc.

Local elections, imo, matter a lot. And gerrymandering is a huge problem, recently enshrined by the supreme court as being A-OK! So you could use as a constituent, but... I doubt it will get anywhere.

So the best option is the next election.

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Or XLR in the pro world

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Looks like a bi flag to me.

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Only DNS lookups. And it's lightweight enough you could have an original NUC, set up a pi hole LXC on proxmox, and have plenty of power left over for other tasks.

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I can't confirm that sentiment.

I have no idea who has been in her mouth, but I'd assume some of them would be repulsive too.

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I agree. I wouldnt go so far as saying it was off the table as a possibility, but I wouldn't call it attempted rape.

I don't know what the minimums and maximums are for his actual crime, but I do hope the testimony of what happened was factored into the decision.

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An article was linked in other comment threads, there was a clear start and an uncomfortable girl who texted her mom with absolute fear of being raped.

Something a lot more than moving them around may have happened if she didn't send that text. So yes, no clear attempt at sexually assaulting the girls, but the amount of effort he went to.... Doesn't give me the feeling that this was only about a good night's rest.

That said, I'd prefer the girls safe over him getting more time in prison any day of the week.

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Health insurance...

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Top line is simply "1300."

Voyager 2.11.0 S22 Ultra Android 14

Going to test with some more in the comments here.

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