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You mean the Moscow cow?

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a non-trivial number of young voters are going to be disappointed and less motivated to get out and vote

This is a great talking point for trolls but if young voters really feel that way they might just as well kiss democracy good bye.

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USA is a de facto two-party state

Right now it is but if a group would start a solid grass-roots party they very well could change that. Unfortunately it takes a lot of dedication and money to accomplish this. Alternatively, the teabaggers were a grass-roots movement that had the backing of right wing radicals and conservative money and they managed to take over the Republican party.

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We just think things are bad. Probably because most are on social media where outrage and hate get the most clicks/attention. Witness MTG, aka, the Moscow cow and her deranged/idiotic rants.

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RNC say they will recruit 100,000 poll ~~watchers~~ goons to intimidate voters.

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US Supreme Court

The "Supreme Court" died when it overturned Roe v Wade. It's the Extreme Court now.

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Israel gets more aid

Israel probably hasn't gotten more aid in the last 2 years but overall they might have. Also, assuming this is even true, why would Ukraine listen to the US since they have abandoned support of Ukraine?

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The Moscow cow will do anything to keep herself in the spotlight.

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The wretched dolt won't have to worry about spending her Social Security check once the orange mobster becomes dictator -he will end SSI because he will have no need for her dollars when he can tap the treasury.

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Seems like a preview of the orange mobster's potential rule.

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The previous guy in office drove up the debt and gave tax cuts to the very wealthy. Climate change is ruining crops. Russians are hampering Ukraine from producing grain. Fungus ruined a lot of of the cocoa crop. Bird flu has hit the poultry industry. Corporate greed is rampant. Still, eggs at $3 a dozen make 6 meals. Avocados are still $1 a piece on sale. Lay off the prime rib and filet mignon, you will be fine.

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Exactly. I'm cheap but won't buy cheap shoes. First they are a slip hazard that will cost you in pain and medical bills. Secondly, they don't last for shit and are uncomfortable. Also, they make your feet smell bad.
My expensive shoes last so they end up being way cheaper.

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Even when confronted with the truth, millions have the anger and fear permanently imprinted on their minds. That's why Putin's psyops war fare is so incredibly effective, particularly against the poorly educated.

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