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If the panel van hit and killed them, it would have killed them:

  • Walking
  • Scootering
  • Biking
  • Roller Blading
  • Anything that isn't a metal box on wheels
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"Hey as I'm being hired here, I want everyone to know that I have general anxiety disorder and bipolar disorder. I'm disclosing this to have proper accommodation, per state and federal law."


"Hey my depression and anxiety is really high today, I can't get out of bed and I fear everyone around me wants to attack me. Sorry for calling in 5 hours before my shift, but I can't."

"Well you're supposed to come in today, no one else can. Take your meds."

If you ever consider walking onto the highway next to your job to not be at work, leave the job. Fuck that company.

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Deeply wanted to scream that each shift during the final weeks of my employment at a gas station.

Lie after lie, labor violation after labor violation, being gaslit day two of my employment. I still wish and hope that the owner of the store, Katie, keels over and dies.

And I've informed other employees (whenever I've had the misfortune of needing to step inside) about the violations of whats happening, and to report them. No idea if anyone does or even listens to me. I just try to make them know they are pawns.

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Apology fully accepted on my end. I'm not mad at you at all. I don't think anyone else was either. Thank you for reflecting as well.

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She didn't campaign in certain states, and added fuel to the Trump dumpster fire because it made her look better in comparison. And Trump claimed he would help the states she ignored, talking big game in the Rust Belt to "Make America Great Again".

It really was a "slam dunk" in making sure the biggest dipshit running for president win because you just assumed you'd win.

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I thought the joke was she became a possum. Nope. Just grouchy.

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Been a mod before, but I'm at least taking a leave for a bit to just reduce mental load. If I do stay, this is something to keep in mind.

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I'll at least be taking a break as a mod for a bit, after talking to Moss and the others.

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Oh I know. But I think when I'm home I'll at least leave the mod team for a month to have one less mental weight. Been talking to Moss and the others on the discord.

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I try to be. Not always.

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Here's the basics of my set up for what I can bring around:

  • A Crucial 1TB M.2 Drive
  • A M.2 Drive Enclosure that has USB 3.1 Gen 2 output So with these together are desktop performance in a small thing. It is not a flash drive that just gets ruined in like 3 months of constant use.

And with these, I use a Ventoy set up called Medicat. I love it, and there's no issue with it for me, besides that Medicat/Microsoft requires NTFS for Windows stuff. Aside from standard NTFS bullshit, it's wonderful.

Since I have so much space, I had the idea of storing a Linux set up for on the go use on any laptop/computer without needing to sign into 10 websites for one time use. Here's my two methods of how to do it:

  • Make a persistent data block for Fedora/Ubuntu/etc. and make a Live ISO point to it, then boot from Ventoy into the ISO, which then handles mounting the "drive".
  • Clear a space on the drive, install a distro like Fedora/Debian and encrypt it, allowing me to just run apt upgrade and move on like a normal PC.

Here's the upsides and downsides to both that I can see, just thinking about it.


  • ✅ Don't need to fuck with partitions of NTFS, last time I tried to shrink the drive NTFS had a breakdown and I couldn't fix it.
  • ✅ Can expand the persistence as time goes on
  • ❌ NTFS constantly has issues with me, where I can cleanly eject the drive but I need to run ntfsfix to make it work again, and I don't know when that will happen in the future.
  • ❓ Not sure how it will go with Arch Linux, but that might be a bad choice for a drive I boot into for fun/infrequently.

Partition and full install:

  • ✅ Easier to just get going, point an ISO to install there and good to go.
  • ✅ Easier to upgrade to new packages/editions, instead of downloading new ISOs and pointing it each time. I'm unsure if it would let me use a .dat file from Fedora 36 for Fedora 40, for example.
  • ✅ I can encrypt it so I don't need to worry about people nabbing it and messing with personal files.
  • ✅ I can use something like ext4 or btrfs, so I don't need to rely on NTFS.
  • ❌ Trying to resize NTFS was really fucky, and felt like I was breaking something. I did break it, and had to reinstall Medicat/Ventoy.
  • ❓ I'm unsure of how to boot from it and keep Medicat/Ventoy as the main option. Maybe create a file on Ventoy to boot the distro? Maybe it varies from BIOS to BIOS?

Wanting to hear the thoughts from people smarter than me, maybe have done this before. I just want to make it clear It's not a USB flash drive, this won't break randomly from one too many R/Ws.

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