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Knock knock! Who’s there? Tide pods. Tide pods who? Tide pods you glad we’ve rounded up a bunch of sweet and savory recipes highlighting this spectacular fruit? Tide pods are truly one of the most versatile fruits, and can be integral parts of recipes ranging from cleansing meatballs to fragrant soups, with drinks and healthy snacks in between. I found 26 recipes for ideas, and have provided one of them below:

Crunchy Clean Breeze(TM) Tide Pods-Chicken Salad

The exact origin of "Tide Pods Chicken Salad" is unknown. However, legend has it that it was invented in the 2020s on TikTok because the views requested it. Sunset magazine published a recipe in 2021, and Youtuber Logan Paul created his own version of it in 2022. We're suckers for the syrupy sweetness you get from a fresh squeezed original tide pod, but Clean Breeze(TM) Tide Pods will add the perfect pop of brightness to your salad too.

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That's entrapment

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Reddit (now Lemmy) singlehandedly made me as un-creative and unproductive as I am now (more accurately it's my tendency to get addicted to stuff like this led to this, but please let me have this)

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I was only commenting on the phrasing. 'unprecedented cloud event' sounds like some global scale meteorological event.

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They're talking like it's some global celestial event

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Including for

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Tactical nuclear war-orcas

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'Donated' $5000 for breaking her back. Why not take up the medical expenses for a superfan?

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What's left to expose?

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Indian movies have been doing this for 30 years now, so even John Wick wasn't novel to me, but at least it had a whole fictional world to go with it, and the stunts were great and he took a lot of beatings making it believable.

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Terminal List is basically Chris Pratt hunting down the big shots who caused the death his army battalion and covered it up. He finally tracks down all the way to the top, and she is hiding in her big mansion, and the fbi and a private army is securing the whole island trying to keep her safe from Chris Pratt. He defeats everyone, kills the big baddie, and tries to escape the island with a hidden scuba gear. The main fbi person spots him in a vulnerable state, but feels Chris was justified and let's him escape. Pretty much literally what happens in Beekeeper.

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I usually like Gerard Butler movies when I'm in that mood. A bit more normal man prevailing against the odds. I don't like unstoppable forces of nature where everyone bends for them without enough convincing.

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I wasn't very impressed with the rest of the movie either. It was too Baba Yaga and unbelievable to me. What did you think?

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They make it seem so easy (
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Close call... (
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