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They may not have the world record anymore (McLaren 2023) but they are sure as hell super consistent.

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The Apple A9 (iPhone 6S) added hardware decoding support for HEVC/H.265, the A10 (iPhone 7) added hardware encoding as well. If I recall correctly Apple was pretty much first in supporting saving video recordings in HEVC.

You might be confusing this for AV1 support, which Apple added with the A17 Pro and the M3 (both decode only though).

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Mind elaborating? We can probably help you out :)

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Was quite nice to watch I'd say. At first I thought Red Bull just didn't have much of a pace advantage, but it turned out Max was having issues with battery derating in the first few laps. After that he got to his usual position quickly.

Alonso defending and eventually overcooking it was great entertainment and led to a moment between Alonso, Sainz and Perez that reminded me of Silverstone '22 where Crofty famously commented "off goes Leclerc, through goes Hamilton!!". Wondering how he commented this moment as I was watching the F1TV broadcast.

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Apple does a weird half-assed (or not even half) attempt at "proper" gaming on Macs. They released their Proton-like compatibility layer 1-2 years ago now, but it's targeted at developers to help them "port" their games over and there isn't really a user-friendly way to simply use it with any game (plus the results are very spotty, further considering that developers are supposed to make adjustments to their games).

I don't think Apple wants to support just about any game to run on their platform. The games themselves aren't the problem for Apple, but rather that established gaming store fronts don't bring Apple any money and they'd rather sell these games on the App Store.

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Ich zahle 99 Cent/Monat Gebühr für die EC Karte und sonst absolut gar nichts.

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Cool, didn't even know that. Are there any (gaming-related) tests/benchmarks/comparisons for Pipewire vs. Windows audio?

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Adoption rate is increasing from what I've heard. But you're right, Linux/a Linux distribution isn't going to take over anytime soon.

But I think once those users truly switched to Linux, very few will switch back. Sure there'll be the odd gamer who absolutely "needs" to play that one game which has anti-cheat that's unsupported on Linux. But other than that, once you're in, you're likely in for good. And long-term you pass it on to your family, mainly your children (my first computer was a DOS/Windows machine mostly because my dad used the OS himself then).

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Obligatory "switch to Linux to turn it off" comment.

But honestly, Windows becoming more annoying and actively working against me is the reason I finally switched 4 months ago. It wasn't that Windows is proprietary, or that Linux has some technological advantages (as Windows probably has others) or that I disliked the desktop environment or whatever. It got in my way, and that's disrespectful and time consuming. I don't want my OS to get in my way, I want to do things with my computer.

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This is so cool. I switched to Linux and once a game runs performance is or at least feels comparable to Windows. With stuff like this improving it even further (and Gamescope, etc.) you can probably get a better experience gaming on Linux compared to Windows in some scenarios.

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They could've got around that in multiple ways. What you see a lot is people having multiple developer accounts with different Apps, you see this all around the App Store with major companies.

Sure they could've gone out of their way to create another developer account which also costs another yearly fee of 98,99€. I fail to understand why anyone would feel entitled enough to even consider the developer should pay that just so people can download a free/low price, completely optional app from an ever-so-slightly more convenient store front.

Another thing is, as I said, I know he "had" to agree to the new terms in order to have the AltStore BUT, why is he gatekeeping from the EU App Store then? Why can't he distribute in both places and charge the 1.50€ on the EU App Stores?

They chose not to. Simple as that. I agree that they could distribute it in the EU App Store, but even then a subscription would be required to cover costs (after 1 million installs, which I wouldn't be surprised if this app crosses that number somewhat quickly) as the core technology fee is per annual install, meaning it is reoccurring unless users uninstall the app.

Don't forget the recent Yuzu lawsuit as well. While we're not sure of the exact details of the settlement, part of what made Yuzu vulnerable to a takedown was the fact that they paywalled (beta versions of) the emulator. Commercializing Delta could potentially attract Nintendo lawyers for all we know. The current 1,50€ fee isn't for the emulator, it's for the AltStore itself.

The fee might be unfair but as you said in order to release Clip he had to accept it. Gatekeeping from the App Store is much worse, it's his own decision and very bad taste one. C'mon we're talking the guy who spend years bitching that Apple wouldn't allow people to chose from where they get apps and now he's the one forcing people into (his) single store? The more things change the more they stay the same.

You can also install it via the non-PAL AltStore or you can sideload it manually by signing the app manually, no store required. You could also create a US Apple ID to download the app from the App Store (remember how you suggested the developer could just get multiple developer accounts?).

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Did you read my post correctly? I wrote this in my comment:

[...] if you want to publish any of your apps via an alternative app marketplace, you need to agree to the new EU-specific Apple terms for all your apps, [...]

And then you quote part of that sentence out of context, stating basically the same thing I was stating (in the full version of my sentence):

This isn't correct. You only have to agree if you plan do have access to new features such as alternative app stores, [...]

So my sentence is correct, as long as you quote the whole thing.

And - as I stated in my previous comment as well - the developer has another app besides Delta (called "Clip") that isn't allowed on the App Store, so they have to agree with the EU-specific terms to publish Clip via their marketplace, but this agreement in turn also affects Delta. That's just how it works.

So sure, they could've decided to not agree to the new terms, but then they couldn't have released Clip (or only via self-signed sideloading like before).

How am I wrong here?

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