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The discontinuation of neofetch development was big news for a lot of people, for example here : https://lemmy.ml/post/15051857 I'm happy for the software developer, now a farmer though :)

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The developer maybe moved on to something new, like author of neofetch took up farming a few months ago.

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Meet the new projects

Trustworthy hardware and manufacturing

Collection of Verified multi-platform Gatewares — Comprehensive repository of open source gateware designs
Flashkeeper — Write Protection on SOIC-8 flash chips without soldering
foaHandler — Reverse engineer the OpenAccess file format
FPGA-ISP-UVM-USB2 — Open hardware FPGA-based USB webcam
MEGA65 Phone Modular MVP — OSHW mobile device with form-factor of hand-held game consoles
nextpnr for GW-5 — Add support to nextpnr for Gowin GW-5 FPGA family
VexiiRiscv — Next generation of the VexRiscv in-order FPGA softcore

Network infrastructure incl. routing, P2P and VPN

Movedata — Privacy-preserving, energy efficient data replication and verification
NixBox — Nix integration with netbox
OpenHarbors — Dynamic Tunneling of WPA over IP/L2TP
Toward a Fully-Verified SCION Router — Formal verification of the reference open source SCION Router

Software engineering, protocols, interoperability, cryptography, algorithms, proofs

Diesel — Safe and performant query builder and ORM written in Rust
lib1305 — Microlibrary for Poly1305 hashing
libvips — Add animated PNG and enhanced JPEG XL support to libvips
MailBox renewal — Performance upgrade of MailBox mail modules
PTT — Unikernel Mailing list server in OCAML
Support for OpenPGP v6 in rPGP — Implement draft-ietf-openpgp-crypto-refresh in rPGP
Tracing and rebuilding packages — Improved metadata/provenance for build artifacts
UnifiedPush — Decentralized and open-source push notification protocol

Operating Systems, firmware and virtualisation

Arcan-A12 Directory — Server side scripting API for Arcan's directory server
Arcan-A12 Tools — A12 clients for different platforms and devices such as drawing tablets
postmarketOS daemons — Add modern service daemons to postmarketOS
Redox OS Unix-style Signals — Add Unix-style signal handling to Redox Operating System
TrenchBoot as Anti Evil Maid - UEFI boot mode support — Add UEFI to the Qubes integration of Trenchboot with AEM
tslib — Better configuration and callibration of touchscreen devices
Wayland input method support — Better specification for Wayland input methods

Measurement, monitoring, analysis and abuse handling

Back2Source next — Better matching of binaries with source code
Enhance the vulnerability database — Enhance the VulnerableCode vulnerability database
LANShield — Constrain local network access for mobile devices
OWASP dep-scan — Security and risk audit tool

Middleware and identity

Client Proof-of-Work in TLS — Mitigation against DoS amplification on the TLS handshake

Data and AI

LabPlot — Scientific and engineering data analysis and visualisation

Services + Applications (e.g. email, instant messaging, video chat, collaboration)

bluetuith — Bluetooth connection/device manager for the terminal
Draupnir — Moderation bot for Matrix servers
Gancio — Shared agenda for local communities that supports Activity Pub
Miru — Multi-track video editing and real-time AR effects
Openfire IPv6 support — Add IPv6 support to the Openfire XMPP server

Vertical use cases, Search, Community

COCOLIGHT — Lightweight version of Communecter
OpenCarLink — Security tooling for vehicle ODB2 ports

Still hungry for more projects? Check out the overview of all our current and recent projects...

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A Terminal Email Client As An Alternative To Gmail: The Old Dog Neomutt And Pals

A title like "A Terminal Email Client for Gmail As An Alternative To Gmail web: The Old Dog Neomutt And Pals" would be a better fit.

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Yeah, that’ll be hard. I’m trying to use Peertube but network effect is big on YT (not sure if that’s the right expression here, noone is using Peertube, everyone is on YT).

There was a time "noone" was on YouTube.

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Yes, go ahead and file the bug. And as others mentioned already, the custom screensaver modifications of XScreensaver like for LM may have bugs. The author of XScreensaver has been complaining about this several times.

The bug you found looks similar to this one :

Unlocking a machine locked with Xfce's screensaver xfce4-screensaver has long been a simple matter of turning two monitors on at the exact same time. That makes Xfce4-screensaver versions prior to 0.1.9 segfault and crash - leaving the machine unlocked. This very unfortunate Xfce bug #16102 has been open since October 29th 2019 and we have pointed fingers at it several times before. Xfce developer Sean Davis has finally closed this gaping security hole. He explained that the embarrassingly long delay before this security vulnerability was addressed was due to "real life conflicts" in a brief comment on March 22nd. He did not elaborate and we did not ask for further details since it is likely none of our business.

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Twitter had a TOR service last time I checked, I haven’t seen a single Mastodon instance available as TOR service.

TIL Mastodon can be run as tor service : https://docs.joinmastodon.org/admin/optional/tor/

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I think you need to take a break and get some perspective.

Besides, the Twitter link was already posted by the OP, why would it need to be posted again?

Posting exTwitter links without a screenshot in a privacy community feels like a kind of oxymoron to me, especially after exTwitter made API changes and what not which made third party apps and software like Nitter kind of useless.

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I think I've read somewhere that xrandr only works with Xorg and not with Wayland.

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Simply install debian 12.5 again, the easiest choice.

Good choice.

Install linux mint, so I get ubuntu but without them throwing their subscription services down my throat. I’m unsure about other advantages, as ubuntu is debian based, maybe the more frequent program updates? Kernels are also updated more often than with debian as far as I know. Do you know of other advantages?

There's LMDE, Linux Mint Debian version.

Go for FreeBSD: this might require a learning curve, because this is an OS I’ve never used. Are commands that different from debian?

Yes, commands are different (For example ifconfig and not ip. And watch on Linux is something different on FreeBSD) and you can expect several things to not work out of the box. Also, mounting removable devices is different. Documentation is very good though unless your reached a niche problem. I'd suggest to first toy around with FreeBSD in a VM (Qemu or VirtualBox) if you want to sneak preview it and learn more.

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We're doomed!

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Hello Lemmy! Yesterday I released the first version of an alternative frontend for Threads: Shoelace. It allows for fetching posts and profiles from Threads without the need of any browser-side JavaScript. It's written in Rust, and powered by the spools library, which was co-developed between me and my girlfriend. Here's a quick preview:

A screenshot of Shoelace's homepage, showing the logo on top, the title "Shoelace", the subtitle "an alternative frontend for Threads", an input bar with the tooltip "Jump to a profile...", and at the bottom three links: "hub", "donate", and "v0.1".

Mark Zuckerberg's profile on Shoelace, showing three posts: One showcasing columns on the official Threads frontend, another congratulating himself for 1.2M+ downloads in his company's new AI software, and the glimpse of a post related to the "metaverse" Post by münecat on Shoelace, announcing the release of a video essay criticizing the field of evolutionary psychology

The official public instance (at least for now) is located at https://shoelace.mint.lgbt/, if y'all wanna try it out. There's also instructions to deploy it inside the docs you can find in the README. Hope y'all enjoy it!

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https://social.coop/@shauna/112503558995533544 If you want to follow along with Ghost's attempts to implement ActivityPub they are surprisingly hilarious

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feddit.de has been giving "Server error" for some time but I read that the server is still working when using a Lemmy app. Tried the Photon front-end today and choosing feddit.de as instance.

My question (I'm just curious, I have no account on feddit.de) is : Can an alternative front-end on their server co-exist with the other server software ? I guess it would be a matter of installing Photon and then point nginx configuration to that. Or am I missing something crucial ?

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