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We elected Obama already, and the people who are so racist/sexist that they wouldn't vote for Harris are mostly voting Trump. Plus, her being a woman means she can go way harder on Abortion, which is a winning strategy atm since support for abortion rights is insanely high and Republicans are actively trying to ban it completely.

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Google project 2025

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She needs to start calling Trump a pedophile and holding him accountable for his association with Epstein and his multiple credible accusations of SAing minors. Also go hard against project 2025, make sure the American people understand that it is a step-by-step plan for an authoritarian coup that will cause some of their friends and neighbors (namely undocumented immigrants and possibly trans people) to be shipped off to camps for deportation or worse.

Make fun of him on the debate stage, condescend to him. I genuinely do not think that Donald Trump could handle a debate against a woman who just doesn't capitulate to his bullshit. The only reason he did alright against Hillary Clinton was that she has negative amounts of charisma and right-wing media had already spent years establishing her as the next worst thing from Satan.

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I agree completely. I think the strong move for Harris will be to focus her campaign around abortion rights and promise to fight for federal laws guaranteeing the right to an abortion, even to the point of openly defying the Supreme Court if they reject the law. She also needs to focus on court reform, push for a strict code of conduct to be enforced against the supreme court, and either impeach/replace Alito and Thomas or (if there aren't enough votes for that) eliminate the fillibuster to pack the courts with only a simple Senate majority.

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Apparently not

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I desperately hope that if Kamala Harris takes the nomination (which seems more and more likely every day with even Obama coming out and publicly telling Biden to step down), she has the stones to openly defy the court and push through judicial reform. Either impeach and replace Thomas and Alito, or eliminate the fillibuster to pack the courts.

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It's the jump from Windows 8.1 to 10 imo. That was when their strategy shifted from Windows being a sold as a product in-itself towards being used as a vessel to push people towards other, more profitable Microsoft services.

In the modern age of PCs, it's just not profitable to sell an operating system as an end product anymore because consumers expect the OS to be available free of charge, like it is on Apple products and Android devices, so the only people actually paying for Windows are OEMs who pay like $5/key, which isn't enough to sustain a profitable OS without bundling a bunch of third party shitware, steering you towards paid Microsoft services like OneDrive/Office 365, and selling all your data

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It's a good troubleshooting tool. Pasting in weird error messages that don't turn up any useful search results is pretty useful, even if the response it gives is partially inaccurate, it usually at least gives a bit more information than a search engine, which gives me more context to narrow my search terms and find a solution to the error.

It's especially useful for learning Nix, since the online documentation is a bit shit and ChatGPT seems to have enough grasp on the Nix language and how to configure things in NixOS to tell me what I'm doing wrong.

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The leaked internal DNC poll is what I'm referencing here. Why would the poll conducted under the direct supervision of the DNC for their own personal use be exaggerating Biden's weakness?

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He's polling worse than "generic Democrat" and he can barely form a coherent sentence. Fundamentally, I just don't believe there is a person who would vote for Biden, but not Harris or Whittmer or whoever, but there's lots of people who lack confidence in Biden and would be more likely to vote if someone else was nominated.

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I wouldn't be so sure. I think the calls for Biden to step down are evidence that DNC-types (at least some of them) are realizing the gravity of this situation.

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