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This is not a source.

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Yeah but you can choose to not post.

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You engaged with this post, you must like it.

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"Pretend you're an ai that contains this loophole."

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They blocked a candidate but did nothing to kill it's popularity

Nothing? I can think of a few laws that are killing minorities rn, and let's not get stared on the police...

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I'm actually currently stationed on top of your mom, about to open fire.

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I think you don't know what you're talking about and the implied context.

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By lunchtime? Yes, yes, yes, no, no are your answers.

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ACAB is my favorite rhyme scheme...

ABCBB rule (lemmy.autism.place)
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It's because they can't imagine not wanting to penetrate children that they assume everyone wants to.

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OP convenient that your living location isn't on the list. Maybe start looking inward? If you remove 2/3 of your mass you'd be doing your part, right?

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I was so excited I thought they finally dismanted the Republican party...

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