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Wouldn't analog emails just be Telex? Or maybe old school text pagers?

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Last time, they avoided having the platform contradict Trump by not adopting a platform. I expect this time to be no different.

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"We'll only let the good ones in"

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The Winklevii sent BTC because they have a buttload of it, bought at a very low price. Their actual cost for that donation is basically the long-term capital gains tax (and maybe not even that if their accountants are creative).

And yes, Trump (or his campaign) have to convert that to fiat at an exchange. (Probably Gemini, owned by the Winklevii.) But the key thing is that with Crypto, they have no way of knowing where the donations are actually coming from. Someone in Saudi Arabia or Russia could be filling out donations forms through a VPN, and list their location as Branson, MO, and there would be no way for anyone to prove it wasn't really from Branson. (Maybe if they were careless and reused BTC addresses. Some Monero shill will probably reply and make sure everyone knows how Monero is even better at money laundering....)

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Here's a tip for you: you don't educate anyone by saying "you'll wake up one day". That just makes you sound like a tool.

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I follow crypto, and Biden's SEC has been inconsistent in its crypto policies. I think Gary Gensler thinks he's a crypto expert, but gets a lot of it wrong. Still, though, even the US crypto exchanges asking for regulatory clarity have been playing loose with the rules a bit. The article mentions New York State's beef with Coinbase, but that was in regards to its "Earn" products, which attempt to tie deposits with "rewards", and convince people those rewards are the same thing as interest on their savings accounts. They aren't really, even in Proof-of-Stake coins which are the closest thing.

But make no mistake, the only reason Trump now likes crypto is it allows foreign actors to contribute to his campaign while disguising the source of the funds. And since Trump has captured the RNC, any donation to his campaign is a donation directly to him and his legal fund. The Winklevii are US citizens, so they are not obligated to hide their contributions. They must realize that a good portion of that contribution goes directly into Trump's pocket. That's the only reasonable explanation for announcing this publically -- in case Trump wins, they want their transaction formally recorded, and they will expect Trump to deliver.

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It's a very good point you bring up. It's worth pointing out that this case hinged on the fact that the guy whose gun got taken away had a restraining order against him, so that meant that a court had already determined that he posed a danger to someone. And there is historical basis for taking guns away from dangerous people.

One of the benefactors of this new approach, ironically enough, may be Hunter Biden. I saw an article saying that this ruling may help him appeal his conviction, because he is a first-time offender so no court had any reason to make a ruling on him at all.

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Of course he loves the Ten Commandments. He views them as a to-do list.

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Surely you can't be serious!

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While the right to keep and bear arms is one of the “fundamental rights necessary to our system of ordered liberty,” that right “is not unlimited,” Roberts wrote

I'm astounded to see that written that way. The crowd that always angrily asks "WHAT PART OF SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND" thinks there is no limit to the rights of people to bear arms.

I'm pleasantly surprised to see most of the justices agreeing that the right "is not unlimited". The only holdout is Thomas. I'm sure he came about his vote through quiet introspection and reflection. (Or, possibly, bribery....)

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All those guys he fired from the RNC would not have gone along with Trump's mission for it: use it to pay his mounting legal bills. He doesn't mind Charlie Kirk grifting it as long as he can grift it harder.

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The phrase “TRUMP TOO SMALL” stems from a memorable moment in the 2016 Republican presidential debates, during which Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., made a crude joke about the size of Trump’s hands.

“And you know what they say about guys with small hands,” Rubio quipped.

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Biden’s campaign proposed that the first debate between the presumptive Democratic and Republican nominees be held in late June and the second in September before early voting begins. Trump responded to the letter in an interview with Fox News digital, calling the proposed dates “fully acceptable to me” and joked about providing his own transportation.

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