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What's the point in having an AI run the search and present the found answer for you, when you just ran the search yourself and gets the AI finding presented?

As this point AI helpers are just a layer that hides the details from the original search. It's useless for this. AI is wonderful for lots of stuff, but this just isn't it. I used to laugh when people used the Google search box to find Google so they could search in Google, but that is exactly what AI is doing for us now.

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It is not though. All three words are of much older origin than English, and the connection does not exist in etymology.

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Minehead, England.

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How do you think a political party comes up with ideas in the first place?

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It's more than yes/no to fascism.

In a democratic political party you can influence the politics democratically. In a fascist party: Not possible.

The country does not need to hit rock bottom before it can improve. It can be changed democratically from within if you allow it to by voting for anything but the party that will take away that possibility.

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I had that same issue. It turns out that my entire house has tilted ever so slightly at some point in the past.

I had the gutters replaced this year, but even the carpenters had difficulties understanding the issue. The boards behind my gutters are sloping inwards in a 45° angle as it was customary to do in the 70s when the roof was changed, so when they moved the gutter downwards they'd also move them inwards, which inevitably resulted in the lower end being too inwards to catch the flow from the roof. Despite several attempts to explain this, it was apparently too difficult to grasp. I'll see if it works with the summer rains, otherwise I will have to adjust them myself, by inserting incremental increasing sizes off spacers between the boards and the gutter hangers.. it won't be pretty, but at least it'll be mathematically correct and functional.

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Hmm.. it works for me when I chose to "open in external" which does pop up the Google play store. I'm not sure of how to link it otherwise.

Anyway, yes it's pretty neat. I've tried other similar apps, but this one is the best in my opinion.

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Yes. However the upper management doesn't care about that. They look at some figures and then go on to make up whatever savings they want the middle managers to do without regard to whether those idea will improve the figures. It's a shot in the dark.

Now...if you're in a civilised country where union agreements are well in place , it's possible to require a coalition group, where middle management and employee representatives sit down to have a dialogue of what is best practice. More often than not this leads to improved figures, so the upper management don't ever need to dig into the details but can spend time doing their actual job of making long term strategies.

Yes, that way it pays off for employers to have union agreements. They just don't see it before they do it.

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I think this is a kind of "what's on the opposite side of the globe" picture.

Remarkably few places on land have land on the opposite side, because the Pacific ocean is very very big.

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I have no idea what it is. I downloaded it the other day when trying to find a funny reply to something about playing trumpet with the ass. It didn't quite fit there, so I am happy that you asked for it.

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Think harder. Middle management just sucks for everyone. Including middle management.

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late for work rule (
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I am restoring an old chest and while removing a cover under the lid I found this label. As you can see, it's completely undecipherable except for "***halle & co." However there's another label underneath it. I wonder if I can separate them by putting it in water (like stamps off an envelope), but I'm afraid of destroying it if it has any value whatsoever.

The chest is made of wood and metal, but it's in a horrible state. Hinges and screws have been replaced prior to my owning, and the wood is damaged. I plan on restoring it, but would like to know it's history. Judging by materials and the label, I recon this is from 1900-1940s and American.

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