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Forty-eight hours is an aeon in American politics, especially if you are Joe Biden and the party that you lead, and a relentlessly growing number of your closest allies within it, are turning inexorably against you.

On Friday alone, at least 10 Democrats in Congress joined those who had publicly called for Biden to go, arguing that it was in the best interest of the party and the country given the threat to democracy posed by Trump.

Sending a message that would not have been lost on Biden and his team, top Californian lawmakers close to Nancy Pelosi, the former Democratic speaker of the House, joined the chorus.

The Times reporter, Kenneth Vogel, disclosed on X that 30 minutes before the historic announcement was made, Biden re-election staffers were busily calling delegates pushing them to shore up his crumbling hopes by publicly declaring support for him.

We don’t know when exactly he made the decision, but it seems by late on Saturday Biden had finally come to the view that he had no choice but to repeat the words that so many Democrats had been telling him over these past exceedingly painful days: “I believe it is in the best interest of my party and the country for me to stand down.”

Members of the president’s family and some close aides were told that the end was coming on Saturday, but most of the campaign staff were only notified literally 60 seconds before the news broke.

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For years, the people building powerful artificial intelligence systems have used enormous troves of text, images and videos pulled from the internet to train their models.

Those restrictions are set up through the Robots Exclusion Protocol, a decades-old method for website owners to prevent automated bots from crawling their pages using a file called robots.txt.

companies have struck deals with publishers including The Associated Press and News Corp, the owner of The Wall Street Journal, giving them ongoing access to their content.

Common Crawl, one such data set that comprises billions of pages of web content and is maintained by a nonprofit, has been cited in more than 10,000 academic studies, Mr. Longpre said.

“Unsurprisingly, we’re seeing blowback from data creators after the text, images and videos they’ve shared online are used to develop commercial systems that sometimes directly threaten their livelihoods,” he said.

“Changing the license on the data doesn’t retroactively revoke that permission, and the primary impact is on later-arriving actors, who are typically either smaller start-ups or researchers.”

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Both the LCBO and the Ontario Public Service Employees Union (OPSEU) signed off on a return-to-work protocol Saturday morning, after the tentative deal was put on hold a day earlier.

The LCBO said it was planning to file an unfair labour practice complaint because the union had introduced "significant new monetary demands" after signing the tentative agreement, which it said should have been dealt with at the bargaining table.

At a press conference Friday, OPSEU president JP Hornick disputed that the union had new monetary demands, but said part of their return-to-work proposals included seeking to have striking workers compensated for their time away from work.

OPSEU had said workers were striking becuase they believed Premier Doug Ford's plan to expand alcohol sales to convenience and grocery stores would threaten union jobs and the public revenue the LCBO provides to the province.

"The workers have made it clear to Ontarians that Doug Ford's alcohol-everywhere plan directly threatened jobs and public revenues," said bargaining chair Colleen MacLeod in a statement Saturday.

"Our collective attention must now focus on the work needed to return to regular operations as soon as possible to ensure the critical summer season can bounce back," association president and CEO Andrew Siegwart wrote in an emailed statement.

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‘The tragedy of Trump’s candidacy is that, embedded in his furious exhortations against Muslims and Mexicans and trade deals gone awry is a message that America’s white poor don’t need: that everything wrong in your life is someone else’s fault.”

Vance may be an Ivy League-educated lawyer and venture capitalist, and a politician heavily backed by Silicon Valley billionaires, but he grew up in the decaying steel town of Middletown, Ohio, the descendant of hillbillies who had migrated in search of jobs.

Raised in poverty and within a dysfunctional family, Vance escaped by joining the marines, before studying law at Yale University, giving him entry into the highest echelons of American society.

The troubles tormenting working-class communities may partly be the product of globalisation and industrial decline but, Vance insists, speak much more to cultural and moral failings; workers given to indolence (“we choose not to work when we could be looking for jobs”) and a desire to play the victim.

That shift was emphasised by perhaps the most significant moment of the convention – not Trump’s coronation or Vance’s elevation but the speech by Sean O’Brien, president of the Teamsters, the first address by a union leader to the RNC.

What is needed, rather, is an elite capable, unlike now, of inculcating the lower orders with an “understanding of what constitutes their own good” and ensuring, through cultural and religious constraints, that they don’t tumble into degeneracy.

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Members of the Recording Industry Association of Japan had taken legal action in the U.S. to demand information on Hikari No Akari's operator from California-based Cloudflare, whose content delivery network the site had used.

"We'll use information that Cloudflare will disclose to hold the website operator responsible and take other legal action," an RIAJ spokesperson said.

The website received roughly 15 million visits over the past year, 75% of which were from countries outside Japan, such as Indonesia, the U.S. and France.

"Unlike videos or published materials, pirated works of music don't need to be translated for anyone to enjoy," says Hiroyuki Nakajima, an attorney versed in content piracy.

The RIAJ took a similar step in 2023, forcing the closure of another piracy website that August via legal action in the U.S.

This site, which had linked to illegal downloads of J-pop for more than two years, had not shut down as the trade group had demanded.

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Democrats greeted President Biden’s departure from the presidential race with an avalanche of cash, donating more than $30 million online on Sunday and making it the single biggest day for online Democratic contributions since the 2020 election — with hours still to go.

The massive amount is based on a New York Times analysis of the online ticker of contributions maintained by ActBlue, the leading site processing Democratic donations.

With Mr. Biden gone and Vice President Kamala Harris building momentum to claim the nomination, Democrats went online to contribute at a startling pace.

The previous single biggest day for donations on ActBlue came the day after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away in September 2020.

The latest deluge is significant as the party seeks to recover from a month of political infighting and stalled momentum in the race against former President Donald J. Trump.

Party fund-raising had slowed considerably among major Democratic donors in the weeks after Mr. Biden’s poor debate performance.

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Click here to see the summaryAfter a week saturated with the endlessly repeated and parsed video of former President Donald Trump being shot at a Pennsylvania campaign rally, and the carefully choreographed four-day television show of the Republican National Convention that followed it, here was a dramatic news story that lacked the visual element in almost every way.

Because it was a summer Sunday afternoon, TV news’ first string wasn’t immediately available, giving opportunities to ABC’s Rachel Scott, CBS’ Kristine Johnson and NBC’s Hallie Jackson to anchor the initial reports.

Biden’s former White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, was in a studio after finishing her Sunday show, which put her in place to break the news about her former boss.

The networks quickly pivoted to talking about a Harris-Trump general election matchup, even before Harris announced — again, via a printed statement — about two hours after Biden’s endorsement that she would be a candidate.

That was a complete surprise, compared to the seemingly endless discussion that absorbed the political world during the past three weeks about whether the 81-year-old Biden could effectively continue as a candidate following his disastrous performance in a June 27 debate against Trump.

But Biden had repeatedly and emphatically insisted he was staying in the race, and the Sunday morning political talk shows featured surrogates pushing that line.

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Parents of under-18s should be monitoring their children’s phones for nude pictures, according to the police chief for child protection, in order to tackle a “tidal wave” of online sexual abuse cases.

The new lead for child abuse investigations at the National Police Chiefs’ Council, assistant chief constable Becky Riggs, told the Sunday Times parents needed to report any intimate images of their children to police.

In October 2022, 16-year-old Dinal De Alwis killed himself after being blackmailed over naked images he had sent to a stranger, possibly in Nigeria.

While much of this abuse comes from adults targeting children, half of it is child-on-child crime and figures show the average age of an offender is 14.

In 2022, in England and Wales, about 5,000 cases involved children sharing naked photos of themselves.

We will work with parents and schools to avoid criminalising children where it comes with a degree of naivety, but we have to measure each case on its merits.”

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Donald Trump has said China’s president wrote him a “beautiful note” after the assassination attempt a week ago, as he continued to court leaders whom Joe Biden has criticised as dictators.

In his first campaign rally since narrowly escaping the attempt on his life in Pennsylvania, Trump told a crowd in Michigan on Saturday: “[President Xi Jinping] wrote me a beautiful note the other day when he heard about what happened.”

As well as familiar attacks on Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, Trump also used the rally in Grand Rapids to hail Xi and Vladimir Putin as “smart, tough” figures who “love their country”, echoing praise he gave in 2022 of the Russian president’s strategy to invade Ukraine.

Still wearing a small wound dressing a week after the shooting, Trump also publicly supported the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orbán, saying he was right in saying that “we have to have somebody that can protect us”.

In one letter, about a meeting in Singapore in June 2018, Kim wrote: “Even now I cannot forget that moment of history when I firmly held Your Excellency’s hand at the beautiful and sacred location as the whole world watched.”

After a summit in Vietnam in February 2019, Kim wrote that “every minute we shared 103 days ago in Hanoi was also a moment of glory that remains a precious memory”.

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It was his first campaign rally as Donald J. Trump’s running mate, and JD Vance was up onstage, all by his lonesome, playing it humble.

“It’s still a little bit weird to see my name on those signs,” Mr. Vance, a senator from Ohio, told a packed arena of Trump supporters in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Saturday.

Yet, Mr. Vance’s debut made clear one indisputable fact: While his political career has been propelled by his biography — the story of his climb from poverty to Yale Law School to media stardom to populist princeling — this campaign is not about him.

He posted on Twitter that he had selected Mr. Pence, the former governor of Indiana, as his running mate, and a news conference was slapped together in the ballroom of a Hilton Hotel in Midtown Manhattan.

Mr. Trump spent about as much time talking about Hulk Hogan — the aging wrestler whose shirt-ripping endorsement was a convention highlight — as he did his new running mate.

In a clip released on Saturday night, Mr. Vance nods intently as Mr. Trump wonders why Secret Service agents didn’t respond fast enough when rallygoers spotted the gunman on the roof of a building.

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Along with the likes of the far-right media figures Alex Jones, VDare’s Peter Brimelow, and Milo Yiannopoulos, the white nationalist Richard Spencer was a prominent attendee that year, and he told the Washington Post that he and other extremists had enjoyed “one big, bourbon-fueled party” in unofficial side venues around the convention center.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene’s main stage convention speech on Monday night was full of falsehoods and distortions about immigrants and LGBTQ+ advocates and dog whistles about “globalists”, and it featured a gratuitous assertion that “there are only two genders, and we are made in God’s image”.

Just weeks earlier, Robinson told congregants at a church in the town of White Lake that “some folks need killing”, apparently with reference to perceived political adversaries , such as those who espouse “socialism and communism”.

The Guardian reported this week that one such speaker, the California lawyer Harmeet Dhillon, was greeted with a barrage of hateful tweets from Trump’s far-right supporters after performing a benediction with a Sikh prayer the same night.

His Turning Point Action Pac’s event last month hosted the likes of Candace Owens, the rightwing commentator with a lengthening history of antisemitic remarks; the Pizzagate conspiracy theory peddler Jack Posobiec, who has extensive links to extremists; and Alex Jones.

Blocks away from the conference, the Heritage Foundation, one of the richest and most influential conservative non-profits, reasserted its comprehensive Project 2025 plan to remake the US government in the radical right’s image, spelled out in 922-page document first issued in April.

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Critics say the legislation is fundamentally undemocratic and would undermine Israeli academia, because it restricts free speech and allows politicians to weaponise accusations that should be handled by the legal system.

Sivan said the legislation was dangerous for its broad restrictions and its narrow focus on universities, adding that Israel already had laws against incitement to terror that cover all residents.

“What they are trying to do is subject academics to stricter rules than other residents of Israel, where a violation of state laws is not judged in court but rather by a government-appointed administrator, with no process or opportunity for the accused one to defend him or herself.

The Association of University Heads, Israel (Vera) said in a public letter that the student union billboards backing the law were a divisive “campaign of persecution and incitement” that could lead to violence.

One of the academics targeted, Anat Matar from the philosophy department at Tel Aviv University, said the role of students in drafting and promoting a law to silence their lecturers was particularly disturbing.

Vera warned in a public letter that the draft law would also fuel international sanctions campaigns against Israeli universities by undermining their academic independence.

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