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Hi! I've been making games for a little while, though nothing too fancy - mostly mobile platformers, delivery games, and visual novels. I recently moved from Unity to Godot and finished the "Complete" Godot 2D course on Gamedev.tv.

I want to challenge myself and have a really strong design for an AR mobile game. I have never programmed an AR app before. I have found dozens of courses/tutorials for Unity, but none for Godot.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've read the documentation, but would much rather a hands on tutorial or course.

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weak aptitude for language learning

This is such bullshit. As a Brit abroad, our problem is weak language education. We are taught to such a poor degree and we are not taught how to learn a language. It's been the biggest struggle of my adult life trying to get conversational and after a year I am still way behind my cohorts - it's not some genetic predisposition to being bad at language learning, but a lack of language infrastructure in childhood.

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Common myth, not true.

First recorded recipe for Shepherds Pie is from a Scottish cookbook from 1849. First recorded use of Cottage Pie is 1791 by an English clergyman.

Cottage Pie was used for both lamb and beef varieties until recently and was a way of eating leftover meats.

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US: Let's send weapons to our allies that are at war! Iran: We'll do the same! US: shocked Pikachu face

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Yeah, I don't get it either. Weren't most, if not all, ancient calendars lunar based? Far easier to work out a 28 day cycle than a 365.25 day cycle.

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It's true, but at least half the artists I listen to I would never have found if it weren't for streaming. Something is, after all, better than nothing.

And compared to the competition, Tidal's payments are good:

~30% more than Apple Music (0.01c)

~300% more than Spotify (0.003 - 0.005c)

~500% more than Soundcloud (0.0025c)

~1000% more than Pandora (0.00133c)

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Been using tidal ever since Spotify's Joe Rogan debacle. Main reason? They actually pay the artist. But the sound quality is a nice bonus as well! No regrets...other than people trying to share music with me by sending a spotify link!

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Not...really. The racial hierarchy and the self-loathing are really Spain's doing via the Church.

Spain was in control for 400 years and had clear racial caste system. They brought a new religion and used it to justify an incredibly evil rule. Lain America had governors, the Philippines had Friars (read Touch Me Not or Noli Me Tángere).

Compared with America, which in control for around 50 years and about 10% of that was the Japanese invasion. They are seen as liberators and saviours because of how utterly horrific the Japanese were (wasn't just Korea with comfort women). In the early 20th century, a lot of the reforms in the Philippines by America were based around giving land to the farm workers and laying ground work for independence via the Insular government (so the cheap sugar supply could be blocked from entering the US market).

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The big thing I will say from my experience there: the people are AMAZING. I didn't get ripped off, everyone was so friendly, got to play basketball with a group of kids and had a blast. And the nature is incredible.

It also had some of the most downtrodden areas I've ever seen, some of the biggest displays of wealth disparity, and after a few weeks on different islands, Manilla felt more like a theme park for the rich than any kind of city.

Overall, really recommend it, but try going off the beaten path!

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Man in 30s married to a half-Filipina woman here. When we went to visit for our honeymoon it was really gross. LOTS of very, very old men with teenage girls.

I had women falling out of their chairs to look at me.

I had a woman literally fall over while trying to ogle me while walking down the street.

For our goodbye dinner, her Ate toasted us by saying "You have fulfilled all our dreams: you've married a white man."

I had several people say how ugly they were because they were Filipino.

EVERY convenience store and super market had skin whitening creams.

It was my first experience of the Philippines and the first experience I had of racial fetishism. My wife got preferential treatment for being Mestizos.

The Spanish did a real number over there with their racial hierarchy bullshit.

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Your title made me wonder: would NASA get more funding if they strapped AR-15s onto the rovers and called it a liberation mission...

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We have to learn from Germany's mistakes: armed resistance is legitimate in the face of fascism.

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Recently I feel like I'm working, sleeping, or waiting for work to start. I hate it, I can't figure out how to break this waiting mode. Does anyone have any advise?

EDIT: That ADHD moment where you see loads of people have given great advice, but there's so much it's overwhelming! Thank you all, I'll try and go through and implement what I can

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And in Europe we're charged 50c a sachet 😞

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I've been diving headfirst into the world of short story magazines and found some absolute gems!!

Khoreo Magazine has been my absolute favourite so far! I 100% recommend it. Diaspora-focused speculative fiction, usually with very novel story telling techniques and beautiful artwork.

Clarkesworld I've found to be pretty hit and miss, though the hits make it worth it! Some really great new and established authors with vivid sci-fi stories.

CRAFT has been great for a more literary and CNF bent.

Do you subscribe to any creative magazines? If so, which ones? If not, why not?

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I'm looking for a place to share my short stories and flash fiction, get comments and critiques, and give feedback in return. There are a fair few websites but they all seem to either focus on smut or fanfiction. Do you have any recommendations for active writing communities?

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